5 Easiest Ways of Charging Laptop Without Charger

If you are missing a laptop charger, don't worry. Here are the 5 easy ways of charging laptop without charger.


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A laptop has become one of the most basic needs of the modern world. People all over the globe use laptops for their personal and professional means. Indeed, students also require it for their studies, workshops, online learning, and much more. 

The laptops work on the batteries that need to be charged for working optimally. The issue of charging hinders people to keep on using it until they get it charged. You will be much glad to know that there is the possibility of charging laptop without charger. Is not it exciting and facilitating? Surely, it is!

Charging the laptop consumes much time and energy which sometimes frustrates the user. People have to look first for the charger in their home or workplace to initiate the charging process otherwise their working flow will break. 

Moreover, the charging can be accomplished only at the place where there is a plugging socket for the laptop charger. Now, say goodbye to this frustrating and hectic method as you can do your needful task even without this traditional method.

How Expensive is it to Charge Laptop Without Charger?

If you have lost your official laptop charger and are in need of a new one, then you have to suffer a lot. The original chargers are much tough to find and are similarly quite expensive too. Thus the high cost does not often suit the user. You can use various alternative methods for charging laptop without charger which can save you money and time as well. 

Do not need to delay any of your project submissions now due to charger issues. Be quick in your work and gain the perfect reputation at your workplace by using alternative devices to charge your laptop. Try out the modern solution and act smart rather than work hard. 

The best thing about these methods is that they are highly reasonable and can be used again and again without any hurdle or obstruction. Rely on any of the alternative methods that suit you and carry on your activities flawlessly.  

Get knowledge of the best technological advances and solutions through online sources like TechyWired. Such sources provide you with the current real-time technology solutions that can transform your life into the super luxurious and facilitative one. 

Amazing and Easiest Ways for Charging Laptop Without Charger

The breaking of the official laptop charger or losing it anywhere cannot stop you at all from your tasks and projects. In this busy world and hectic routine, you cannot imagine stopping just because of the lack of a charger or a charging socket. 

That’s why, in this article, we have outlined tremendous ways that can help you in such situations and provide a quick solution. Enormous ways are available that help you much in quick and convenient charging of your laptop. Hence, you can carry on all your activities on the laptop and do not need to rush for finding the laptop charger or plug socket. 

The method for charging laptop without charger are super useful as these allow you to use your laptop even in the car or anywhere. Let us rush towards the most popular and splendid ways that let charge your laptop without a charger.

  • Charging of Laptop with the Use of a Power Bank
  • Charging of Laptop with the Use of Car Battery 
  • Charging of Laptop with Universal Power Adapter 
  • Charging of Laptop with Super Battery 
  • Charging Laptop with USB Type C Adapter 

Power Bank

As per your laptop model of yours, you will be able to select and use the right USB Type C ports for laptop charging. It helps you out when you are away from your laptop charger. People love to shift to modern technological means. 

They have no time to leave their cell phones on charging for so long. It is because they want to keep on using it and waiting this much affects them the most. Hence, the best solution for this problem is none other than the use of a power bank. The majority of the population gets the benefit of it and the same goes for the laptop. Yes, you read it right!

Laptop use while charging is possible when you connect it to the power bank. if you are eager to charge your laptop with the power bank then ensure to grab the power bank with a power of 12v or above. It will support the laptop charging quite perfectly. Many of the power banks come up with greater powers such as 20v being offered by the power bank Anker's PowerCore+ 26800mAh PD.

Car Battery 

What if you do not have a power bank and you are driving or going somewhere such as on a business meeting, trip, workshop, etc? Do not get panic if you are unable to arrange the power bank or forget to keep it in your bag for emergency backup. 

Your journey would be amazing and perfect as you can take benefit of a car battery for charging the laptop. This method of charging laptop without charger is massively popular and reliable.

The power inverter such as BESTEK 300W Power Inverter offers high power of even above 300 watts which is ample to power many of the electronics. This power is quite sufficient for charging the laptop and hence your connection would be maintained perfectly.

Universal Power Adapter 

Looking for another exciting and valuable option for charging laptop without charger? If yes then here comes the most fabulous option. The laptop can easily get charged with the use of a universal power adapter. If you have such an adapter with you then it would be the perfect savior for your laptop charging. The official charger can be replaced with a universal power adapter. 

One of the highly significant points to consider is that while using the universal power adapter, ensure to set the voltage at the appropriate power. Setting the voltage of the adapter too high can damage the laptop. It could affect the battery resulting in it to be failed or dead. All such undesirable outcomes can be avoided through the rational use of voltage. 

Universal power adapters are capable enough to support different brands and have interchangeable tips too. Take benefit of these to charge your electronic items in the emergency time or nick of the hour. 

Super Battery 

The perfect replacement for your official laptop charger is the super batteries. Hence, these are also known as the spare or second battery of your laptop. While purchasing the super batteries ensure to check properly that either these fit perfectly to your laptop or not. Various charging cables are attached to these and hence you must figure out which laptop will fit to which super battery.   

These brand-specific devices can give you a lot of tough time if you do not make the right selection. Hence, ensure to buy the super battery that is designed for your laptop model and connects well to it. Through such a manner, you can say goodbye to the official laptop charger and start using it. 

USB Type C Adapter

USB C differs from USB A as it comprises a connector having a small oval shape which is much suited to get attached to electronics demanding high power connectivity. USB C is well known for its worthy features and can charge devices of high voltage without any hassle. It is capable enough to deliver power at much higher speeds. 

The conductivity offered by it is ideal to charge a laptop quite swiftly and easily. Through such a comfortable method, you can relish charging laptop without charger and add more convenience to your life. The USB type C Adapter is splendid enough to easily charge your power bank and laptop in the least possible time due to its excellent efficiency. 

One of the most reliable and popular USB type C chargers used throughout the globe is Anker USB C Wall Charger. The main difference between a USB type C Adapter and a power bank is that you have to plug the USB type C Adapter for charging the laptop. While in the case of a power bank, the power is already stored in the power bank and hence all you need to do is to plug the power bank into the laptop.

Charging Laptop Without Charger is Safe or Not?

Using different methods for charging the laptop demand perfect usage and safety. If you are using a device with uncontrolled power flow, then the performance of your battery can get affected. The official laptop charger is the best one to use for laptop charging as it is designed peculiarly for the laptop model. Hence, the risk of battery damage is negligible when you use the official laptop charger. 

For ensuring the safety of your laptop, you can definitely select the methods for charging laptop without charger but with proper safety and care. The power match and voltage of the laptop must be identified first before selecting any other device for laptop charging. 

Plugging of Laptop with Charging Device 

Charging of laptop is a necessary part of its smooth working, but people often take this instruction wrong leading to poor outcomes. Many people make major mistakes and they do not take them seriously. They keep on plugging the charger into their laptop or use any other method for laptop charging for a long time without realizing that it can put a strain on battery performance. 

The extensive time plugging the charger into the laptop can cause battery heat up ultimately declining the functionality of a laptop. You have observed that many people around us complain about their battery heat up the issue. One of the major reasons behind it is the overcharging of the gadget. 

The device demands the right amount of electricity but not all the time. so, save your laptops and other technology gadgets from overcharging and battery heat up, otherwise, it declines the processing of it and eventually damages it permanently. 

In a Nutshell

We have been surrounded by a number of amazing technological advances and operations. We cannot even imagine our personal or professional lives without these. the high pace and quality of work provided by such digitalization have immensely changed our lives positively. 

One such advancement is the laptop that we use for enormous purposes. That’s why it becomes quite annoying and frustrating to leave or forget the laptop charger at home. However, if you are experiencing it then you can adopt any of the mentioned methods for charging laptop without charger and have fun throughout the day without any trouble. 

These solutions are meant to add charm to your life and do not affect the laptop at all when used temporarily for the appropriate time.


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