5 Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

If it makes your jaw drop, it’s probably guerrilla marketing.


Anna klawitter

3 years ago | 2 min read

If it makes your jaw drop, it’s probably guerrilla marketing

As I work in content marketing at my new job, I love being able to let my creative side loose. As I researched new ideas for my job, I came across something called guerrilla marketing. I knew guerrilla marketing existed, I just didn’t know the actual term for it.

Guerrilla marketing is a great alternative to traditional marketing. It thrives on original thinking and creativity, where imagination and ingenuity beat out big budgets.

Guerrilla marketing also tends to be cheaper than traditional marketing.

1. Steal Jeep’s Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

This ad plays on the power of driving a Jeep (and parking it, apparently) and the features it offers its drivers.

Of course, some may argue that this is a little on the risky side because there could be arguments over parking guidelines and respect within the community but, I think we could all agree that guerrilla marketing does exactly that; it is just the right mix of provocative and witty.

2. Guerrilla Marketing Example for Environmental Issues

The very fact that people can see the trees about to be cut off is a suggestion to passers-by that they can take action and they can play a part in the environment.

What would you do if you were driving down the highway and saw a giant cat resting on these road lights?

Obviously, this is another creative guerrilla ad for raising environmental awareness.

3. Nike Makes the Perfect Guerrilla Marketing Example With Its History of Ads

One of the most important components of a successful guerrilla marketing idea is for it to incorporate or embody the brand values.

Nike has been known for its “Just do it” attitude and tagline. This abstract bench, therefore, serves as a signal for the company motto.

Consistent with its brand personality of pushing one’s limits, Nike makes the perfect guerrilla marketing example with its history of ads.

OK, I bet no one was particularly happy to see this.

But, I think most of us will agree it does a good job of suggesting a benefit, doesn’t it?

I am positive that whoever ran into this escalator was reminded of the brand’s motto and was forced to take the stairs, thus initiating their workout routine.

4. Changing What We Thought About Certain Signs

Axe Body Spray uses custom stickers attached to the classic “exit man” signs that are so commonplace in establishments everywhere. The added stickers create a story about the familiar exit man — and to think all this time we thought he was escaping from a fire!

5. Coffin-Shaped Beach Towels Raise Skin Cancer Awareness

These unusual towels serve as not-so-subtle warnings to beach-goers, tanning on the beach.

Crosswalks are another urban structure often used by guerrilla marketers. In this example, Mr. Clean shows off his cleaning power on a crosswalk.

If you’re in marketing or even a creative, look at your surroundings and try to pick out the setting for your guerrilla marketing campaign — stairs, benches, and street corners could become your marketing masterpiece.


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