5 Ideas for SaaS Products for Startups

The SaaS product has crossed $100 billion in the global market, and it's projected to generate $157 billion by 2022. During the covid pandemic, many companies have turned to SaaS as their choice for their software solutions. So, if you are looking for the next big thing to invest in for your business, this blog post is just what you need. I have a list of some of the top SaaS product ideas that will be dominating in years to come.


Varun Bhagat

2 years ago | 3 min read

Starting a startup with limited funds can be difficult, especially if you don’t have experience with developing and launching a product or service. Whether you’re working on your own or partnering with friends and family, it’s always good to start off with the best SaaS product ideas possible. These five ideas will help you get started quickly and effectively, with low overhead and little wasted time spent brainstorming.

1) Customer Support Software

Helpdesk software is an essential tool for startups, regardless of what industry they’re in. These tools help businesses track ticket volumes and manage incoming inquiries from customers via email, phone or live chat. Even better, helpdesk software will alert you when your customer support team members are away or have missed a response deadline so that your customers are never left hanging.

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2) CRM Software

A CRM (customer relationship management) solution helps you organize your data and contacts. Keeping track of your contacts is crucial if you want to reach out to them with a timely and relevant offer. The software automatically logs every time you interact with a customer, whether it’s via email, phone, or social media. This allows you to connect that activity to individual contact and see where they’re most likely to engage—or not engage—with your brand.

3) Employee Feedback Software

Have you ever wondered what your employees really think of your company? With employee feedback software, you can get an accurate sense of how your employees feel about your organization so that you can make improvements where needed. That may seem difficult to do—if not impossible—but employee feedback software makes it easy to collect anonymous comments from your workers. This software also includes analytics tools that allow you to track trends in negative sentiment and positive sentiment over time. If done correctly, employee feedback software will give you valuable insights into how well your organization is run. Top-notch startups should strive to be great employers as well as great innovators, and employee feedback helps achieve both goals at once.

4) Sales Lead Tracking Software

Running a sales team? Sales Lead Tracking Software tracks all your business activities and tasks related to customers and prospects, enabling you to delegate duties and make better decisions on who's who in your database. It has many benefits such as: gives you control over your time, helps you maintain contact lists of contacts, automates tracking of emails sent or received. With such software you can also save precious hours on data entry by auto-filling forms as well as predict lead quality with confidence. The tool can sync with Gmail accounts to connect contacts and it integrates with calendars so that sales teams can plan calls based on calendar availability and choose the best times to reach out.

5) Workflow Management Software

Businesses are looking to increase their productivity. One of these ways is to use workflow management software, which makes it easier for employees to manage tasks throughout different departments. This software can help automate processes in an organization, which helps companies save time and money when they work on projects. One example of a workflow management system is Projectplace. Projectplace allows users to share documents in real-time while tracking project performance in one centralized place. Users have access to files that are updated as soon as changes occur; which enables people on different levels of hierarchy to collaborate efficiently and quickly.

Final Words

For startups that are more technology-oriented, or are just too busy to come up with original ideas of their own, there is an ever-growing industry in third-party tools and services. When you want to start a startup but don’t know what to build, creating a tool or service around an already successful platform can help you focus on what matters most: building something people will use. Contact a top product development company India


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