5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Setting New Personal Goals

How do you know the difference between wanting something, and wanting to want it? Here's five questions to ask yourself before setting new personal goals.


Amanda Krepp 🐝

2 years ago | 1 min read

How do you know if you're working towards the right goals, or if you're only progressing in circles β€” a few changes here and there, but nothing that leads to long-time improvements. Before setting a new goal, there are some questions to ask yourself to make sure you're getting the most out of your potential.

1. What makes you happy? 

Does your goals reflect dreams that would make you happy, or is it things that you strive for to make others around you proud? It's hard to completely eliminate other's expectations of us, however, questioning what makes you want something will let you analyze how authentic the goal actually is. Do you really want it?

2. What area are you most confident in?

Maybe you're amazing with new people, or you might have an eye for new business ideas, whatever it is, idenitifying areas of your life where you're already feel ahead will make it easier to transfer the qualities to other parts of your life where you want to improve. For example, being a good strategiest at work, always being on time, and keeping your deadlines all means you already know all you need in order to succeed in other areas where you feel more stuck.

3. What's your β€˜genie in a bottle’ wish?

If you could wish for whatever, and know for a fact that it would come true. What would it be?

4. What change would eliminate a paint-point?

What do you spend a lot of time dwelling on? What makes you feel insecure, or triggered even on your best day? Create goals that will make you work through your fears.

5. Do you want to want it?

There's a difference between wanting something, and wanting to want it. This question is very much connected to the first one, ask yourself what truly makes you happy β€” not your parents, partner, or boss. When you figure out what truly brings you joy and excitement, you will know how true that goal is to your inner self.


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