5 Reasons Why eSignatures are Better Options For Businesses

The internet is a really great place to start a business, but it also offers some serious challenges. One of those challenges is the fact that digital documents can be easily altered or forged. There’s an entire industry built around trying to counter this problem, but it remains a challenge for both companies and individuals. Fortunately, there are some solutions on the market that have been highly effective in preventing fraud.


Brian Smith

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One of the simplest ways to improve customer (and employee) experiences is to migrate from paper-based processes to efficient digital document workflows in order to cater to the fast-paced, widely dispersed audience.

Managing physical documents is not possible with the increased focus on social distancing measures. The location of work is no longer important with electronic signatures software.

Companies are being pushed to rethink their operational practices and workplace efficiencies by the current business environment.

Given the fast-paced nature of today's environment, business models must be completely redesigned to accommodate new ways of thinking, learning, and working.

Switching from paper-based processes to efficient digital document workflows is one of the simplest ways to improve customer (and employee) experiences for a fast-paced, widely dispersed audience.

The USA will need to accelerate its transition to paperless and faster online document execution if then the current socioeconomic situation is any indication.

Here are five reasons why e-signatures are important, and why businesses will continue to rely on them in the months ahead:

A location-independent solution

with a greater emphasis on social distancing measures, managing physical documents is impossible.

With electronic signatures for small businesses, the location of work is no longer relevant (e signatures). E-signatures make document authentication is easier and faster by eliminating the need to scan documents while maintaining security and validity.

Improve experiences and maximize efficiency

open-standard digital document formats are now accepted by businesses all over the world. With digital workflows that include editable pdfs and e-signatures, customer interaction is smoother, and backend processing is easier.

It eliminates manual rekeying of information, reduces associated errors, and ensures peak performance by automating processes, approval routing, and integrations with back-end systems.

Prioritize security, privacy, and compliance

Physical documents are concerned about their safety and security as well as possible damage, theft, or tampering.

E-signed documents provide authenticity, credibility, and traceability, as well as being international compliant and password protected with sensitive information redacted.

Businesses can also access metadata such as the date and time of signing, the email address, the signer's IP address, or geolocation for complete transparency and a verifiable audit trail.


Adopting digital document workflows can help a company boost productivity while reducing its environmental impact. Businesses can reduce their reliance on paper by eliminating legacy processes, thereby conserving a variety of natural resources.

Faster business wins and cost optimization

Typical corporate contracts can take weeks to review, discuss, and sign. Digital workflows with e-signature can help you cut down on delays, close contracts faster, and start working with new clients sooner.

Furthermore, lowering the overall cost of paper processes can free up resources and improve efficiency. Choosing an effective digital documentation platform not only helps define seamless and digital-first experiences but also helps lay the groundwork for next-generation operations.

With 'digital' poised to become the key to business efficiency, businesses will be able to thrive and stand out not only in today's market but also in the future, by digitizing paper-based processes.


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