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Suntonu Bhadra

3 years ago | 5 min read

I believe in exploring different content on different platforms to know the unknown and expand my horizon. There is no limit and no boundary to learning, and it is always worthwhile to learn from people from diverse backgrounds with a multitude of experiences. ‘TED Talks’ (or videos) is one of the platforms that I follow in that regard, like many other people.

Narrated by different speakers, ‘TED Talks’ covers diverse topics or ideas, which are worth spreading to aware people about life’s aspects through different eyes. There are various formats of ‘TED Talks’: in documentary style, narrative videos, and even on the animated form of narration.

The popular topics that ‘Ted Talks’ covers are technology, entertainment, design, business, science, global issues, and numerous other subject matter. Millions of people are inspired or become aware of, which opts people to hope or explore for the future or aspire to attain goals.

I was exploring today again and came up with these following 5 ‘TED Talks or video’ that I believe might be great to watch.

Spoiler alert: You can watch the videos first, as my description and perspective that I’ve understood are written, which will contain what the video entitles.

▪ My failed mission to find God — and what I found instead

Courtesy: TED Talk

The above Ted Talk is by Anjali Kumar, on her journey of finding God and spirituality. Her spiritual journey took her to different corners to connect with other people. She didn’t discover what she was looking for; instead, she found something different.

Based on the connections she made in the process, what she discovered about the people’s ask is that they are mostly looking for similar things to achieve on their spiritual journey.

Her discovery identified three most asked things that people wanted for them and their families: good health, happiness in their path, and love in their life, which are the simplified version of needs identified by social scientists like Abraham Maslow and Manfred Max-Neef. It feels like, in the end, we all humans are the same, fundamentally asking for similar requirements, whether it’s from a spiritual journey or our life.

Speaker: Anjali Kumar is an “idea acupuncturist,” attorney, and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School and Fordham University. Her initial book is called “Stalking God: My Unorthodox Search for Something to Believe In.”

▪ To save the climate, we have to reimagine capitalism

Courtesy: TED Video

Capitalism aspects helped improve society and the world for many years; however, the question often raised its negative aspects. Rebecca speaks about how current capitalism diminishes our progress by exploiting the environment, usually, the hidden cost we have to pay.

In the free market economy, the exploitation of the environmental resources and damages to the earth are not counted under any cost parameter. So, those remain as hidden costs and gradually damaging our planet. As those hidden costs are not charged to us (as not being set by the governments to the organizations as subsidized sectors), the prices remain low. And, as many people do not care, hence creating more damage to the world.

Rebecca urges us to reimagine capitalism; as she said, we can make it better by changing some of the operational aspects.

She urges the businesses to make reasonable changes, thinking about the environmental goodwill aspect for the future. Persuading others like competitors to do the same will drive the transformation into others, driving investors’ confidence to invest in the required change aspects. The governments require to push for setting the right pricing in the market, considering the environmental cost aspects, which can drive out the bottom-feeders, who relied on the lower pricing, not counting the ecological damage cost aspect.

Narrator: Rebecca Henderson, Capitalism rethinker, John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard University. Rebecca was once also a senator John Heinz Professor of Environmental Management. You can also explore her thoughts, wrapped inside her book, ‘REIMAGINING CAPITALISM IN A WORLD ON FIRE.’

▪ The history of the world according to the cats

Courtesy: TEDEd

Eva-Maria wanted to showcase the cat’s journey, the background story of their domestication, and the changes they have gone through.

Originally the domestication started near eastern Egyptian origins; the cats have not significantly undergone severe changes (like the dogs went through by selective breeding). So, the fur-filled, beloved mews are close to their ancient buddies, fierce hunters but converted docile creatures, who don’t see us as their keepers (dogs do).

This video is a trace-back of the domestication of modern house cats.

Narrator: Eva-Maria Geigl. Educator.

▪ 24 hours on earth- in one image

Courtesy: TED Video

In this short photographic journey, Stephen brought us a unique perspective of nature and the earth, through a window of time, framed in singular pictures.

As described, approximately 100 photos were blended to capture a seamless composition throughout days and nights to describe the incredible relationship between nature’s elements.

As the earth is changing, it is remarkable to see the profound changes that we are ignoring and why it is worth fighting for to reduce the damage that we are doing to nature. As it opened the consciousness for him, he hoped the same could happen to us, considering openness within us to accept the truth of global climate change.

And, so for that reason, please explore and accept the truth of climate change.

Narrator: Stephen Wilkes. Artist, Photographer.

▪ This is the side hustle revolution (part of TED Series)

Courtesy: TED Video (series)

Narrated by Nicaila, a podcaster and the creator of ‘Side Hustle Pro,’ she talks about the perspectives of the side hustle.

As narrated, she described from when the side hustle actually started, how the hustle world change to secondary career direction for many and why it is important to consider. She describes the side hustle as more inspirational, compared to a second job for money only. Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, side hustle also contains certain aspiring aspects.

Seeing opportunity on different scales to act and support a specific community (or target clients), being the own boss, incorporating a multi-passionate aspect of people into the aspiring hustle and by betting and investing onto themselves by the entrepreneurs make the side-hustle worthwhile to opt for.

Narrator: Nicaila Matthews Okome, Podcaster, marketer. She is the creator and host of “Side Hustle Pro,”.

Source: All the videos/links are directly sourced from the TED Talks website; each video link is embedded in the link courtesy section). You can always find more TED TALKS on their official website.

I hope you have liked the aspects and topics being covered in these inspiring TED videos or talks. I wanted to include fun-fact topics along with the more serious issues that require our attention; hence I wanted to share these TED videos. I hope that you’ve liked the videos and will explore more on TED talks in the upcoming time.

And I will love to know your thoughts. How you feel about the topic that these videos covered and whether their thoughts are valuable or not. The main aspect is to have the openness to explore. As I believe, opinions can differ, but being open to new knowledge and ideas can help prosper.

Thanks for exploring. Best regards.


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