5 Things to Consider Before Making a Stop Motion Video

Stop-motion is one of the oldest techniques in filmmaking. Despite its extended history, it is far from dated, as it remains relevant in the field of animation videos.


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Stop-motion is one of the oldest techniques in filmmaking. Despite its extended history, it is far from dated, as it remains relevant in the field of animation videos. Thanks to its proponents who are continuously improving and coming up with new ways to make stop-motion animation.  

Although stop-motion videos can be incredibly amazing to see, they also require incredible patience due to the difficult process of it all. Here are a few things you should consider before making one!

1. Time

The process of stop-motion animation is a lengthy one requiring each aspect and props to be photographed one frame at a time, it needs to be moved in the slightest way each time for the animation to look smooth.

Each part of the video also needs to physically exist, custom making them can be a lengthy process, a lot of studios opt to use 3D printers now instead of hand making them but even that still takes a lot of time. For those in a rush, it’s probably best to consider other options for your videos.

2. Budget

Because the process requires working on a real set, you would need to add that into consideration when you’re thinking of a budget for a stop-motion video.

In stop-motion video, besides the set you would also need to consider lighting, photography, and other filming equipment, these things don’t come cheap. Doing stop-motion on a tighter budget might not be the best idea.

3. Studios

Not all studios have the resources to make a stop-motion video, making it quite a difficult task to find a studio with a department devoted for it to work with. Each studio also has their own rates and talents working for them, and with the options already being limited, it might be difficult to find the right studio for you.

4. Style

Stop-motion definitely can create incredible, eye-catching visuals. The options can be limitless, as they can do everything you imagine them to be—as long as you can create it.

With the way stop-motion works, you can pick out the materials you see fitting the project and build everything custom-made to suit the feel of the video. It’s one of the best aspects of stop-motion.

5. Post-Production

As you piece all the photographs you take of the scenes; you would need to link all of the frames together. In order to create a smooth animation, it requires for the frames to move in a way that’s synchronous and to make sure there’s complete continuity. 

The lighting, the shadows, and everything need to be edited in a way to make it seem like it was all done in one take. Attention to detail is very important in this part of the process.

The Takeaway

Stop-motion is a great animation style for those wanting a completely unique and stunning video. It’s a great way to showcase creativity and understanding of filmmaking techniques. However, it is a lengthy and difficult process that might not be for everyone.


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