5 Things You Learn From Being a Writer

Writing can equip you with many skills. Here are the five best life lessons you learn from being a writer that can help advance your life for the better.


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It is a shame that many on this platform are writing to “make it”. Whatever that means, I do not know. For some, making it means a full-time salary. For others, it means becoming a millionaire. And for a few, it means falling in love with writing.

I used to think long and hard about my writing journey and what I wanted to get out of it. For me, money would be nice. But impacting others through my writing is one of my main drivers. There is a burning feeling inside of me to get my ideas out there. And I want others to do the same with me.

Nevertheless, whatever your goal is in writing is not of my concern. Your mere choice of choosing to write has put you in a great position to achieve something great in life. Not only to gain something but also to become someone better.

I have been writing for two years now, and my personal growth has been unbelievable. My life has massively changed, and the joy I experience is one I believe writing has brought.

I know, for some of you, this glorious experience is still something you are waiting for. Unfortunately, people are still focussing on the algorithm or how empty their wallets are from writing. But that is not the point here. Whether you write for money or fame, the skills you are learning along the way will put you in a great position for life.

In this short article, I want to inspire you to keep writing. No matter what your position is, I assure you that the skills you will gain from writing will set you up for a better life. So, here are the five life skills I have learned from only two years of writing.

1. You Learn the Importance of Self-Reflection

Good writers do not go a day without self-reflecting. As we write, we constantly learn to look back at our work and see where we could improve. Editing is not just a skill that helps you fine-tune your work, it also helps you appreciate looking back.

It is so easy to go through life without looking back and learning from your mistakes. Many people find themselves in a cycle of repeated mistakes due to never reflecting on their decisions.

As a writer, you will master the skill of editing, and it will help you see the value of self-reflection. It is through self-reflection that we can make better decisions for the future and improve our current selves.

2. You Learn the Importance of Waiting

There is no good writer that does not have patience. Articles do not write themselves, and it takes a good writer willing to put in the time to get the article onto paper.

It is also true that writing an article can be exhausting and hard at times. We are not always in a flow state, so sometimes, getting your ideas onto paper can be tough.

Also, there is no secret to success when it comes to anything. To get good, you have to practice. And you will find the best writers have dedicated much time to developing their craft.

All of these things require waiting and being patient. We need to be patient to complete our articles, come up with ideas and improve. It is through patience that we become better writers. And it is also through patience that we can become better individuals. When we learn to play the waiting game and be optimistic about the future, our lives in the present can become better.

3. You Learn How to Sell

Anyone who writes an article knows that the content is 50% of the work. The other 50% comes from generating a good headline and subtitle and picking a good picture. Then, you have all the promotions to worry about to get more eyes on your article.

Those who are writing for money will understand this better than anyone else. It is about using your persuasion and your knowledge of the market to get people to buy into your ideas.

Even if you are writing for your own pleasure, we often try to convince ourselves of the ideas we have. Writing is a form of communication, and we communicate with others to grab their attention and share ideas that will engage them. You will also find that people that sell do the same thing with their customers.

4. You Learn How to Face Rejection

Writing on this platform will certainly toughen you up. Although most of the community is nice, you still have to go through the odd disagreement and rejection of your work.

As a writer, we also reject our own work. I sometimes find myself looking back at my old articles or final piece and not liking it one bit. We are our own critics, and others enjoy criticising our work too.

Learning to face rejection is hard but necessary for life. We will not always get our way, and it is often in times of rejection we can come back stronger.

5. You Grow in Empathy

All good writers will read a tonne of articles every day. At the very least, they will have one book on the go. Writers consume a lot of different opinions, views and information. Thanks to this, they can generate loads of ideas.

However, through consuming so much information and reading a lot of voices, they get a wider understanding of the world. They learn that they are not the only person with their experience, and there are many with different stories to tell.

I have found that the coldest and harsh individuals are not very empathetic of others. They tend to care about themselves and believe that their lived experience is the only one valid.

However, as people grow in knowledge and listen to others stories, they can build a better picture of the world. Writers grow in empathy every day because they are constantly learning. As we learn more about the world around us, we are more willing to listen to others and are not quick to dismiss others views.

Being empathetic is often seen as a feeling, but it is a skill. People who can empathise with others become more likeable and can help propose solutions to their problems. Empathy can lead to better relationships and a life of giving value to others.

Quick Summary

So, here are the five lessons you learn from being a writer in short:

  1. Self-Reflection: The ability to learn from your mistakes and make your present self better.
  2. Patience: The ability to wait in peace, knowing that something good is coming.
  3. Selling: Knowing how to convince others of your ideas and cause people to act on them.
  4. Resistance: The ability to bounce back from setbacks like rejection and come back stronger.
  5. Empathy: Knowing how to listen to others with an open mind to help them through their problems.


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