5 Things to Quit in 2021 and Beyond

A successful person thinks differently.


Vikram Brahma

3 years ago | 4 min read


Many people believe that the year 2020 is the worst of its kind. Around 1.6 billion people lost their jobs due to covid19 and lockdown. So, we can say at least 1 in every 6 people lost their jobs.

Now if you want to get back your respect, money, and status you have to learn new ways to earn. Some industries will grow faster than others, while most of them will struggle.

Industries such as online education, pharma, eCommerce, online payment, online advertising, and technology-based will grow in the fastest way possible.

Since 2021 has just begun we have to learn to motivate ourselves. So, let’s see what all things you need to quit in 2021 and beyond.

Fearing Change

In today’s time, you simply cannot trust your job. You have to start thinking like successful people and how they act. If you look at the covid situation and study the wealthy people, you will notice that they can grow tremendously despite job losses around the world.

Those companies and individuals who are slow in adapting to new technologies will perish by the next decade. That’s how Nokia went out of its business.

Don’t fear change but embrace the change. As we all know change is only constant. Make sure you quit this habit of fearing change by 2021.

Living In The Past

I wrote this article in November 2020. We have already seen some of the worst effects of lockdown and covid19.

The time has come for us to stop thinking about the past. We need to learn lessons and focus our energy to grow in the current situation.

Someone has rightly said that during the lockdown if you have not acquired any new skills then you never lacked time, you lacked the discipline and motivation.

Stop living in the past, and focus your energy in the present moment. You are strong enough to come back in life.

Stop Wasting Time

Despite seeing the worst time of this century if you haven’t stop wasting your time then you are doing a crime against yourself.

You can get back everything in life be it money or a job. But if you are just wasting valuable time then you are the dumbest person in the world.

If you will not value time, time will not value you. Those who are wasting time and energy on unproductive tasks will have to suffer in the future.

Stop wasting your time watching movies, tv serials, news reports, or playing video games. Unless you are not making money out of them, don’t be addicted to them.

Remember these guys are doing their jobs to earn money but are you doing your job? So, spend quality time learning new skills that you can use in case some other pandemic will come in the future. Think about it.

Don’t Sit Idle

I am sure you might have heard that an idle mind is the devil’s mind. You must invest your time, money, and efforts in some constructive work.

If you sit idle all day long you will have nothing to achieve in life. You must have some goals in life and go after it.

Let me share a simple trick with you. Every night before you sleep write your next day's all-important tasks which you must complete.

Once you wake up the next day, go through your list and decide which are the most essential, and spend a good amount of time completing them.

This will not only give you direction but you will be spending your quality time. If you are a student, what subjects you should study at what time should be in your daily task.

Stop Trying To Please Everyone

Learn to embrace your time, learn to embrace the silence, and learn to embrace your work in isolation.

In today’s world, people are always busy with one thing or another. They might not have time for you as times are changing so fast. So, stop trying to please everyone.

Focus your energy to grow your next business. Focus your energy to reach your goals. Rest things can wait and you will have a lot of time to discuss other things.

Remember if you can reach your goals, more people will appreciate you in the future. So, focus on work and reach your goals as soon as possible.

Bonus Tip - Stop Wasting Your Health

How people maintain their health is up to them but we know health is wealth. We should take and use only those things which are good for our health.

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of drug cases both in the metro cities as well as tier 2 cities. The saddest part is despite good education people are falling into this trap. If you are part of such a system, learn to quit this habit as soon as possible.


I have shared six important subjects which you have to quit as soon as possible. Life can either grow or destroy depending upon what kind of actions we will take in life. Life is not about jokes, it is a serious affair. The harder you will be with yourself in the initial years, the smoother will be your life in the later stage. You are the master of your life and fate.


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