5 Things to Do When You are Not Feeling Like Yourself

Sometimes, self-care also means pausing self-improvement!


Devanshee Dave

3 years ago | 4 min read

Well, sometimes we feel bad for ourselves due to various reasons. It can be someone you care about not reciprocating your energy, it can be a feeling that you are not doing enough in your life, it can be your health, it can be your professional life, it can be anything. As a result, you may feel that your life is messed up. But remember, it is just your projection of the situation and not the outcome.

During the times when you feel that things are falling apart, your heart feels heavy as you wake up, and you feel the day is going to be just another streak of being sad, just breath in and let it go! Here are a few pointers that I use when I feel dejected by my own thoughts, expectations, and hopes.

1. Write It Down

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Well, I can say that writing this article is just what I am doing to make myself feel better. Life can be challenging as we have set standards for ourselves and we feel bad when a few things don’t align with that.

We are not responsible for the things or events that happen, but we are responsible for how we react in those moments.

Being a sensitive person, it can be hard to control how you feel; and humans are nothing but sentiments! Thus, writing how you feel, what you feel, why you feel, and is it actually worthy of your emotions, is a self-caring thing!

Allow yourself to feel the emotions and pour it out! Don’t hold back, and don’t be hard on yourself. Writing can be your constellation and you can scatter the stardust the way you feel to make yourself feel better.

2. Talk to Someone

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Well, I know many of you would be secretive and, in many cases, reserved kinds of individuals. Sharing what you feel or discussing things that disturb you may be hard for you. And it can also be just the fact that you don’t like to share your sorrows with others to avoid them getting worried about you.

But the chances are high that you worry others by not sharing instead of sharing!

The truest people will not use your wounds against you. So, try talking to someone, if not your feelings, just anything.

Try talking about what you made the other day for dinner, or a new movie you recently watched! There are so many things to talk about and not enough moments!

3. Do Things You were Procrastinating

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When I say do things you have been procrastinating, it doesn’t always mean that it is related to work. It can be anything like having enough rest, for a change — sleep early; well that’s definitely what I do when I am upset over something.

You can also try checking up on your friends. You can watch the movie you have been saving for “I will watch it when I get time.”

There is this beautiful set of movies called “The Before Trilogy” — “Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset”, and “Before Midnight”. I always thought of watching them but never actually got “the time”, so when I finally watched it this week to distract my thoughts, it made me feel like hearing rain sound while I am cocooned in my blanket with hot chocolate!

P.S: There is this beautiful line from “Before Sunrise” that I can’t hold for not sharing: “People often assume the worst of you than the best of you.”

4. Spend Time Introspecting

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When you look into yourself, try looking for the spark hidden behind the scars. There is a thin line between introspection and overthinking; the first one can lead your path and the latter can make you lose one. Thus, when you introspect, try finding good things about yourself.

Definitely, it is easier said than done, but you are your own savior. Give yourself the love story you deserve with your own self.

When you feel complete from the inside, you can reflect the positivity around you. And I am a firm believer in radiating vibes!

So, what you feel will one way or the other would reflect the aura around you. I am sure you would have met people and felt like they make you feel brighter or that there is just some kind of bad vibes around them and you don’t like them without any reason! Vibes, my friends!

So, introspect to make yourself feel better about yourself!

5. Do not Stress Over Things

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Such things can be anything — social media, toxic surroundings, a person, anything! You are responsible for making yourself feel what you feel! Take a detox from such situations. Give a break to social media if it’s bothering you, unfollow people, or take a vacation if it’s possible!

If a particular thing or event is giving you sleepless nights, ask yourself if it is worth stressing over? Does it matter after a month? By stressing over, will it get better?

Understand the fact that things or people that are meant for you would find their way towards you. Things reciprocate when they are destined to! By giving more obviate effort or worries, you are putting yourself down in the situation to expect something back. And when it doesn’t happen, you feel bad.

So trying is good for sure, but understand that the outcome is not in your hands so you do not have to worry. Also, I read it somewhere that the vision you manifest will come to you when you stop stressing over not getting it!

Give yourself the time, the care, and the pampering to feel calm and relaxed.

Also, give yourself the space to feel safe inside you.

It is normal to feel all these emotions, we are humans, but it is not alright to question your worth based on situations or people’s projection and treatments towards you. You are your world, so never forget to make it a better place for yourself. And remember,

“Sometimes, self-care also means pausing self-improvement!”


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