5 Tips to Generate Inbound Leads through LinkedIn

Whether you are a freelancer or a bootstrapped startup or a well-established business, you need leads to keep your growth curve high.


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3 years ago | 5 min read

Wherever you mark your presence, you bring your business along with you!

Because YOU are a BUSINESS!

Jay Z has said it better than anyone in the world:

“I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man”

If you are not present on LinkedIn, you are doing the biggest mistake of 2019.


With insanely high organic reach, LinkedIn is the hot spot of business opportunities right now. It’s just a matter of consistency to start increasing your revenues through LinkedIn.

Whether you are a freelancer or a bootstrapped startup or a well-established business, you need leads to keep your growth curve high. That’s where LinkedIn kicks in. How exactly?

Well, in this article you will find 5 actionable tips to generate INBOUND leads through LinkedIn for your business.

But wait!

Before we move forward, let me quickly explain what are inbound leads so that we are on the same page.

“Inbound leads are the prospects which reach out to you instead of you reaching out to them.”

It’s exactly like a patient reaching out to a doctor to get cured. Here, the doctor doesn’t reach out to the patient.

Exactly like that, you’re the doctor in your business. Inbound leads are like patients (not in the literal sense, obviously)

Now you see why doctors make tons of $$$! 📷

Inbound, baby!

To generate those inbound leads through LinkedIn, let’s just jump to the 5 tips.


Inbound leads knock your door only when they know that there is a door. That’s why you have to make them aware about your presence.

For that, build your LinkedIn profile to position yourself in your domain. Create a clear, crisp and interesting profile so that if someone comes across your profile, s/he will get a clear picture about you, your work and the purpose behind your LinkedIn presence. Make your LinkedIn profile your personality’s reflection. Show ’em what you got!

I’m not talking about showing your products and services here. That’s the last thing which will land you clients. Sounds strange? Yeah but it’s 100% true!

Why? Hear me out!

Building a presence has nothing to do with your offerings. It’s always about the requirements of your prospects. You have to map their requirements with your offerings, not vice versa. It begins with THEM, not you.

Your prospects seek for solutions which they buy from you (in the form of products and services) only after they get satisfied with your expertise in the same. So, you have to showcase that expertise, knowledge, value proposition through your CONTENT before offering your real products and services.

You have to build a rapport with your target audience to make them trust you. Remember,

They will trust only when they realize that “You care for them”

You care when you listen to their problems and suggest solutions through your expertise. So, make sure your content build rapport instead of hard-selling your products and services.

That’s how you’ll build a door for you— Your Brand.


One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn is— you can easily find your target audience at ONE place on LinkedIn.


Use LinkedIn groups. There are thousands of LinkedIn groups ranging from technology to marketing to food blogging to graphic designing and what not. People having interest in a specific niche join a particular LinkedIn group around that niche. The process to find a relevant LinkedIn group is very simple:

  • Go to the LinkedIn search bar
  • Type a keyword related to your domain
  • Hit enter
  • Filter out the results by selecting “Groups” tabs

And in no time you’ll get a long list of LinkedIn groups having the same niche as yours.

Once you choose a hot spot from that list, go there and hang out with your people. Start conversations within the group. Show that you exist. Engage in other conversations. Interact with group members through LinkedIn messages. Add value in the group by using your expertise. Offer SOLUTIONS.

Tip: If you don’t find any LinkedIn group for your niche (which is rare to happen) then create a LinkedIn group by yourself. Since, you are the first one who is creating a group in that niche, interested people will join in. Bingo!


It doesn’t matter if you have the most beautiful house in the colony unless your neighbours know you. Similarly, you can have an excellent range of services but if you don’t show up on LinkedIn, your excellence means nothing.

To build that understanding, you have to come out of your home to start talking with your neighbours. On LinkedIn, it means to scroll through your LinkedIn feed and start engaging on others’ posts through your THOUGHTFUL comments. When you engage, people start noticing you. Until then— with zero engagement you’re simple DEAD on LinkedIn.

Once you start engaging with people through comments, gradually start interacting with them through direct messages. Shoot a simple message saying that you liked their last post on which you put a comment. Then fuel the conversation as per the response from other side.

But, DON’T SELL. You have to interact to genuinely exchange insights. That exchange of knowledge will help you build credibility. Then everything else will follow this credibility.


Whether you are a freelancer who is just starting out or a startup building its customer base, don’t forget you are UNIQUE. This uniqueness will take you to places.

Don’t copy someone else’s style of writing LinkedIn posts just because they are getting good traction. Perhaps they are getting good traction because they are in this game since years. You don’t need to compare your second year with their fifth year.

To stand out with your uniqueness, use personalization in your content. Show your human side. Don’t be too focused on subject matter otherwise, people will get bored. Use the flair of your personality or your business’s personality in your content. (Yes, businesses do have their own personalities)

Leave behind the “Fake it till you make it” while beginning your LinkedIn journey. Fakeness has no place in the process of building strong and reliable brands. Be YOU. People will love it. Keep in mind,

Your uniqueness is your value proposition.

If you are thinking to compromise it for short term visibility, you are surely going to lose the long term game.


Building a door and making people knock your door takes TIME. It’s not a task of few weeks. It demands consistency in actions and patience in observations.

Whatever your purpose to use LinkedIn is, give it at least three months to get fulfilled. It’ll surely take time to:

  • Identify your target audience on LinkedIn
  • Experiment for figuring out the right strategies
  • Build the credibility

These initial 3 months will help you to build the foundation of your LinkedIn presence AKA your brand. Stronger this foundation is, better will be the results in the long term.

There is no predefined roadmap to leverage LinkedIn in creating inbound leads. You are free to create your own roadmap so as to follow it to achieve the target. Just don’t give up due to unrealistic expectations. No newbie can get a good number of inbound leads in a week on LinkedIn. Be practical and ready to experiment.

Gradually, you will start receiving the LinkedIn messages saying, “Hey, Please tell me more about your services. I’d like to give them a try.”

This message is not unrealistic. It happens. It does happen when inbound leads knock your door


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