5 Tips for Hiring Android Developers

To develop a perfect mobile app you need to hire Android developers who have experience and certain skills to match your requirement.


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If you’re looking to hire Android developers, there are a few things you can do to make sure you hire the right one or ones for your project. It can be difficult to find the best Android developers, but these five tips will help ensure that you’re hiring mobile development experts who will work well with your team and get your project done on time and on budget.

1) Understanding Your Business Requirements

Before hiring an Android developer, you need to clearly understand your business requirements. Having crystal clear ideas about what you want to do with mobile applications will help you in choosing developers who would be best suited for that purpose. You may also ask app development companies to share some reference projects so that you can get an idea of how they have worked earlier and thus judge their credibility.

2) Location of the Developer

By understanding a developer’s location, you can have a general idea of how expensive it will be to work with him. Generally, developers in cities such as New York and San Francisco are more expensive than those in rural areas. In any case, don’t let cost be your only consideration; just because a developer is located in a more expensive city doesn’t mean he is necessarily better than one who is located in an area that is less expensive.

3) Platform Used by Android Developers

The biggest challenge you may face when hiring an Android developer is finding one that’s proficient in your chosen platform. That means sifting through resumes to see if a candidate has experience with Java, XML, and a variety of related languages and frameworks; it can be time-consuming, but it’s also necessary. If you know what platform you’d like to use—and if you have the budget to support it—hire a developer who specializes in that language. Otherwise, stick with more mainstream languages.

4) Skills Needed by an Android Developer

During development, you’ll work with your team to create a process that allows for thorough testing. You can test apps on your own devices—particularly good if you want to test older versions of Android on older devices—but it’s always best to have a few extra sets of eyes and hands when doing comprehensive testing. A/B Testing is another great way to ensure that you have been developing an app as per user requirement.

5) Testing Process During Development

A good mobile app development company always makes sure to test their application thoroughly before launching it in a store. The testing process includes both automated and manual tests conducted by a group of well-qualified testers who are experts at what they do. It’s important to engage with them in order to ensure that bugs are detected, fixed, and never recur when you launch your product.

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