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5 Traits of Remarkably Charming People

Charming people exhibit common traits from which we can learn. While being charming is an innate ability, you can pull some tricks up your sleeve and learn how to be charming yourself.


Kristina Segarra

5 months ago | 4 min read

Learn the tricks of how to attract people to yourself.

Have you ever wondered how some people are naturally so charming? When they talk, their words seem to pull you into their conversation like a magnet.

It turns out, being charming is an innate ability. But does that mean you can’t learn some tricks to become charming yourself?

Of course not. You can do that by analyzing their traits. That said, here are 5 traits of remarkably charming people.

They Maintain Close Eye Contact

People who maintain eye contact not only exude confidence but also show they genuinely care about you.

They tune in to listen to what you have to say. They share their emotions and nod during conversations. And instantly, they attract the person they’re having the conversation with.

According to Psychology Today, eye contact helps prime our brain for social connections. Eye contact activates cerebellum and limbic portions of the brain, which is involved in recognizing and sharing emotion.

It is critical for showing empathy to another person. So, when you maintain eye contact with another person, it sends them a message that you are paying attention.

Because let’s face it: You don’t bond with a person just by sitting there, wandering around, and looking at your phone.

If you can’t wait until the conversation is over, it will show up on your face, and the person you’re talking to will pick up on it and send them miles away. Instead, show genuine interest in the other person by maintaining eye contact and being an active listener.

They Praise Other People’s Achievements

If someone comes to them and boasts about their achievements, they don’t try to compete with them. They don’t try to steal their thunder. Instead, they accept and glorify other people’s accomplishments and tell them how awesome they are.

For example, if someone has managed to launch a successful start-up business within a short time and they’ve struggled to pull off this venture for months, be honest about it. Show them how impressed you are with their achievements.

Say that you’re proud of them and how much you wish to be in their shoes. Ask questions to glean inspiration such as “How did they manage to do it?”

In other words, don’t show your insecurities by acknowledging their success. Be confident and don’t be afraid to celebrate their wins. See, to be charming also means to be confident. If you can’t bear to stand someone’s success — even for just a while — you will portray yourself as being desperate.

They’re Not Limited to Their Viewpoint

Most people when confronted with a different point of view would tend to voice their disagreements. After all, disagreeing with someone is easier than trying to find the common ground.

But what sets charming people apart is that they’re looking for points of agreement rather than disagreement. This creates a stronger bond between them and other people.

They don’t go around trying to force their opinion on someone else; rather they voice their viewpoint in a non-judgmental way, which opens up a meaningful discussion rather than a hostile argument.

When you step out of the world into another person’s world and try to understand where they’re coming from, naturally, you attract yourself to that person. The other person you’re talking to doesn’t have to agree with you on any level or share the same point of view.

It’s not about agreeing with someone, it’s about respecting someone with a view other than your own. By being an active listener and actively engaged in the conversation, you’ll pull that person more towards yourself.

They Own Their Mistakes

You know how some people make mistakes but don’t own their mistakes. They’re quick to blame everyone but themselves. Their insecurities are screaming at them. But admitting your mistakes shouldn’t be seen as a failure.

As humans, we all make mistakes, and part of what makes a person charming is that they don’t mind telling people stories about mistakes they’ve made or how stupid they felt in certain situations.

Honesty begets attraction. Being open only attracts you to other people because talking about your failures and mistakes from your past helps other people to relate to you. As humans, we can’t always be at our best. We falter and we fall, but then we pick ourselves back up.

Admitting your mistakes also helps other people feel good about themselves and recognize the fact that it’s okay to make mistakes and you can only learn and grow from your mistakes.

They Show Genuine Interest In Others

Charming people don’t always talk about themselves. They don’t go out of their way to appear smart and know it all. If there’s something they don’t know they’re not afraid to show it. They don’t suffer from inferiority complex common in insecure people.

They ask questions and show genuine curiosity about what other people have to say. This helps to level the field of knowledge between them and other people. They also treat everyone in the same way, with respect and kindness, regardless of their status.

The Takeaway

Charming people exhibit common traits from which we can learn. While being charming is an innate ability, you can pull some tricks up your sleeve and learn how to be charming yourself.

You can pull people towards you by maintaining close eye contact, showing interest in other people’s achievements, being flexible with other people’s viewpoints, and showing genuine interest in other people.


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