5 trends of virtual events in 2021

In 2020, virtual events have exponentially risen to popularity. This will continue in 2021 as well.


Ishita Khanna

3 years ago | 3 min read

Things changed from the last few months because of the on-going Pandemic. People are finding new ways to make events online. It’s been a struggle for the event planners to find creative online events to engage the audience.

From arranging webinars to competitions, there are various other options to organize virtual events.
Here are some trending ideas of having events virtually-

1. AI Chatbots and Machine Learning

• In the digital world, the demand for AI and machine learning has increased. They have taken over the existing technology and emerged as new technology.
• This trend has turned up especially for the E-commerce industry. This technology helps in audience engagement, create a positive environment, and improve logistics. AI programs are based on the preferences of the visitors that are collected live at the event.
• With this technology, you can quickly modify the data based on the customer’s interest. It helps businesses to drive new business opportunities with reduced costs.

For hosting any virtual event, it becomes necessary to deliver quality content with a good customer experience. There are various online platforms like Zoom meetings, Google-meet, Air-meet, etc. It serves the purpose and provides an amazing experience to your remote audience.

With this, managers can do live chats and discussions with participants across the globe. There is a backstage feature in this that allows the speaker and host to interact privately. Also, there is a live Q&A session to engage the participants.

2. Connect through live streaming

• Live streaming- a good option where the audience wants to connect with you in a better way. You can also conduct presentations. You can also held Q&A sessions
• It can connect a large number of audiences in real-time. Also, it helps in creating social connectivity among the audience where everyone can ask their queries.

There are other options as well like:

Raising hands, group chat that helps to create engagement and interaction.
• Through these sessions, you can also solve queries in a better way. There is a sense of connection in live streaming videos. Whereas in the edited and the recorded ones, there is no interaction, and it feels distant and manipulated.

3. Live games or competition

• The Coronavirus has turned everything into online mode. Online classes, meetings, workshops, sessions were conducted in virtual form. One thing that is missing in our lives is entertainment.
• Who doesn’t enjoy playing games? There are multiple entertainment opportunities like online games, competitions, concerts, and fun sessions. It is a creative way to keep the audience engaged. Plus, it also creates a competitive edge where everyone can show their skills.
• Various Competitions like debating, quiz, and many others related to education, can also be organized. It motivates the audience to keep themselves busy and gain knowledge as well.
• People are missing musical performances, concerts, and fun elements in their lives. For this, you can also arrange concerts virtually, to keep the audience entertained.

There are many online event management companies with which we can collaborate. Featuring sponsors and exhibitors is also one way to involve more people and create a memorable experience for your audience.

4. Health and well-being activities

• Health has become one of the most important things in today’s era. As we see that everything is turning online, there is no physical activity taking place. Many people are facing health issues like obesity, mental pressure, hypertension, etc. It can affect their lives in a harmful way.
• To make people aware of the importance of fitness, you can arrange a webinar or an event.
• There could be a short workout or meditation routine which people can follow during sessions. It will be a fun break where everyone will be moving and enjoying their time. Also, there can be other ways where attendees can share their experiences on health and fitness.
• To make it more interesting, a session can be organized, on healthy and easy recipes. It can be saved on Google drive so that everyone can access it for later use. It will increase the morale of people to work and exercise daily.

5. Training courses and certifications

• For an online event, certification courses can be a great idea. There are various courses which require training and skills. And due to the busy schedules, students are not able to commute to different places.
• Therefore, in the virtual form, there are various opportunities where people can learn and develop themselves. It provides flexibility and lowers and cost as well.

Online events save a lot of time and allow the student to focus on his hobbies and other career-related activities. In online classrooms, there are other options like tests, assignments, quizzes, and rewards.

You can arrange a personal meeting with the instructors to guide your audience about the various career aspects. E- Platform is a great way to improve accessibility and relationship building.


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