5 Types of Emails that Get Your List to BUY

Once you have built a relationship with your email list subscribers, where they know, like, and trust you, the stage is set to get them to BUY from you. Here are 5 powerful types of emails that turn your list into a money generating machine.


Kent Stuver

2 years ago | 3 min read

Your email newsletter is the foundation of your email marketing plan as a freelancer, solopreneur, coach, or consultant. It is a powerful asset, because you can reach out to your email subscribers and put a message directly into their hands (or inboxes). These email marketing ideas generate sales, without being pushing. In fact, you’ll find these email marketing tips incredibly powerful.

Many of these types of emails use a principle taught by Diane Hochman: Wherever possible, let someone else do the actual selling. You just simply invite your list to take a look at something.


Edification means to build someone else up. This type of email is particularly powerful when someone else has created the product or program that you will be selling. You want to talk about that person, and put them in the best light possible, then link to their sales page.

You describe how great this person is, and what they’ve accomplished. You can even include how much you’ve learned from this person. This makes you the third party, so you really aren’t selling anything. You just heap praise on the person and let their sales page do the heavy lifting.

Success Story

When you write a success story email, you talk about a specific result from someone who has had success with your product or program, and you link to the sales page for that product.

You start by describing what their situation was before. Then you tell that they found your product or program. Finally, you describe the actual change, as well as the emotional change they experienced as a result of your product or program.

People love to hear stories about someone who is overcoming a challenge that they themselves have. This makes you the third party, since it isn’t your own story. And, you simply provide a link to the product.

Selling Event Invite

A selling event invite email is perfect for a webinar that someone else will present, where you know that there will be some initial teaching, followed by a sales presentation. There is an added leverage from the built-in deadline that a webinar has, which people need to register for to attend.

You don’t have to sell anything yourself. Just get as many people as possible to the webinar. You do this by edifying and praising the webinar presenter. Then, you provide a link to register for the webinar.

The webinar presenter will do the heavy lifting of selling.

Presentation Invite

From time to time, you will want to explicitly invite people to look at or watch a presentation of your particular product or program. This is a case where a sales page exists for your product or program, and you invite people to go take a look at it.

This differs from the prior 3 types of emails, in that you are being very clear that you are inviting people to take a look at your product. But, there isn’t hard-core selling in the email itself.

Sales Offer

The sales offer is the big granddaddy of selling email types. And, it is the most difficult type to write.

There is a specific science to writing an offer letter. And, it requires understanding the advanced psychology about why people buy. You will want to build your skills for quite a while before you attempt to write one yourself.

To be frank, top professional copywriters will charge $10,000, $15,000, or even $25,000 to write just ONE sales letter. And, it is VERY common to pay $1,000 per offer letter to a run-of-the-mill copywriter.

So, there you have the 5 types of emails that get people to BUY. If you read my previous post, you also know the 5 types of emails that bond and build trust with your email list.

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