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The Only 5 Videos in My “Legendary” YouTube Playlist

Diamonds among the hundreds of thousands of videos I’ve watched


Neeramitra Reddy

4 months ago | 3 min read


Diamonds among the hundreds of thousands of videos I’ve watched

From my mindless YouTube binging days to my now-carefully curated consumption days, I’ve watched a ton of videos.

Most were entertaining and slightly informative. Some, quite deep and valuable.

But only a handful have been eye-opening and powerful enough to alter the trajectory of my life.

Those are the ones that make it to my “Legendary” playlist. As of now, it has 5 videos — I want to share the same with you.

The Most Powerful Speech I’ve Ever Watched

At the university of Texas, admiral William McRaven gave a speech that would shake the world.

When a charismatic booming voice distills decades of hard-earned wisdom into a few minutes, the result is millions of views and a best-seller book.

The central theme is how making your bed the first thing in the morning can help change your life and even the world.

Pairing analogies such as sharks, sugar cookies, circuses, ship’s keels, and bells with personal anecdotes from his SEAL training, Raven drives home ultra-valuable life lessons.

Whenever you find yourself lacking motivation or procrastinating, give this a watch — your body will breakout in goosebumps.

The Rarest Breed of Man You’ll Ever Come Across

Andrew Tate is my latest idol in life — he’s a 4x world champion kickboxer, a millionaire internet “pimp”, and probably the only man staying true to his masculine imperative.

With the “You can’t f*ck with me” lifestyle he’s constructed for himself, he can afford to be brutally honest — to a level no one else I’ve ever seen be.

He’s the perfect embodiment of almost everything I preach and try to be —I don’t mean the lifestyle, but his values, ideals, and world views.

Being the textbook rendition of the red-pill man, he’s an inspiration and role model for our world overridden by weak emasculate men.

This Will Reach Into the Depths of Your Soul and Tug Your Heart’s Strings

In today’s “progressive” world, it’s sad that homelessness still exists — and it’s way worse than what most of us envision.

As the cliche goes, “The harshest of lives teaches the most bitter of truths”, one homeless man partakes his wisdom.

Having lost all hope and being shunned by society, he’s turned nihilistic. But the embers of the dying fire are still alive and he says he likes to hope in the humanity of humans.

The good news is, since the above video went viral, a lot of people came forward to help him. And in another video, you can see him prancing with joy.

Whenever I feel down in life, this video is a stark reminder to be grateful for the “normal” things that I have.

The Perfect Example of Brotherhood

Back to Andrew Tate, he isn’t alone in his exploits. His brother Tristan Tate is his partner in crime — so much so that Andrew calls Tristan his “life partner”.

They party, work, hangout, chill, and live together — all their houses, supercars, companies, and bank accounts are shared.

In Andrew’s words, “Tristan can burn down my house, crash my car, f*ck my girl, or do anything else. It wouldn’t matter — because he’s my little brother.”

They have set their mother up for a comfortable post-retirement lifestyle. And in almost every video, Andrew talks about how his posthumous chess master dad was “the best father on the planet”

Say what you will about how they live, it’s one healthy and loving family.

Your family is your support system. And in the world of men, nobody’s going to be a better companion than your brother. The power of a blood connection is real — it’s something primal that no friendship can replace.

Having a younger brother myself, this video’s unexplainably inspiring.

The Cure to Self-Pity and Insecurities

Born with a rare genetic disorder nicknamed “Brittle Bones”Sean Stephenson has lived through incessant fractures, infections, and treatments — and grew up stunted.

But there isn’t a trace of self-pity or weakness in this uber-charismatic gift of a human.

Physically, he might be 2-feet 8-inches tall, but mentally, even the Burj Khalifa doesn’t hold a candle to him.

In a mere 10-minutes, Sean doles out lessons of a lifetime. While he’s sadly no more, he lives on in the millions of lives he’s touched — directly as a therapist and indirectly through his speeches.

Sean inspires us to make the most out of the cards we’re dealt with— and in doing so, lies the secret to living an incredible life.


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