5 Visual Studio Code Extensions

Here are the 5 Vs code Extensions that could save a lot of time in the beginning of your coding journey.


Sandeep Badeti

3 years ago | 1 min read

Visual Studio Code When you start your coding journey. You need a code editor to write your code. Visual Studio code is the most popular text-editor. It supports multiple programming languages. In the beginning we used to struggle a lot with Formatting code, tag name, spelling, Bracket missing . Here is a unique feature called Extension. Extensions that makes your work easy . Here are the 5 Extensions of vs-code beginner setup for Web-Developer.


  • Live Server
  • Beautify
  • Auto Rename Tag
  • Code Spell Checker
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer

Live Server

Live Server extension is used by almost every Web-Developer. The functionality of this extension is ever time the changes you do on vs code it shows on browser after you saving that file. By this extension we can spot errors and make changes instantly. It saves a lot of time.


Beautify is format extension that formats your code. Lot of coder struggling with there unorganized code and spending lot of time formatting there code. Beautify reduces there formatting code efforts and time. It formats every time you save it or you can format by a short-cut " shift + Alt + F " in windows and don't ask me about Mac.

Auto Rename Tag

In Html we have opening and closing tags. There should be matching with opening and closing tags. If there are lot of tags, you need to change closing tag its time taking process. Basically this extension does is if you make changes in opening tag or closing tag it automatically make changes in other tag.

Code Spell Checker

Though it is not much important but we prefer our code to have no spelling errors. It automatically checks the spelling and gives error if it has.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

In JavaScript if your using more functions in function , loop inside loop it is difficult to know weather the brackets are given properly or not. Bracket Pair Colorizer does is it gives colors to opening and closing brackets with matching colors. It is easy to know bracket matching.

I hope this blog will help in the beginning of your Coding Journey.


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