5 Ways To Share Your Sustainable Lifestyle With Your Partner

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Akriti vyas

3 years ago | 2 min read

When there are two members in a house, achieving a sustainable lifestyle is difficult. Twice the opinions, twice the shopping, twice the use of plastics, and it’s a whole new ball game.

At one point or another, you have to make a lot of compromises when you and your partner’s choices do not lie on the same page. For example, you support minimalism, but your partner has never thought about ethical shopping and intentional living. So, it’s a little bit difficult for your partner to accept a sustainable lifestyle.

Here are the steps to make it work for you and your partner:

Talk it Out

I believe instructing your partner to grow food at home, use reusable products, and do ethical shopping feel unapproachable and intimidating.

Rather, start with a conversation. Talk about sustainability and its benefits with your partner and don’t force him to adopt it. Share the importance of low-waste life, explain why you are excited about it, and encourage him to try a sustainable lifestyle.

“Zero waste-lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight; walk slowly, take the baby steps, and exchange conversation positively and relaxed.”

Create a Simple System

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle is very simple; don’t make it complicated to achieve quickly. Whether you do this alone or with your partner.

If you use a plastic cup, replace it with a to-go mug.

Whenever you go grocery shopping, carry a large reusable bag with you.

If you use plastic to wrap food, replace it with beeswax wrap.

By following small and simple steps, it will become easier for you to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Make sure the system you will create is easy to follow and enjoyable.

Let Your Partner Adopt this Lifestyle Naturally

It’s very commendable that your partner has started taking this lifestyle seriously. But, don’t expect too much from him in the initial days.

You are not going to wake up to the perfect sustainability partner who prioritizes packing lunch in glass Tupperware, taking short showers, carrying reusable bags, and is always talking about global carbon emission rates. I believe everyone needs space and time when switching to a new mode of lifestyle. So, it is advisable to adopt new things naturally, not forcefully.

Make it a Gifting Opportunity

I mean, who doesn’t like receiving gifts? I know my partner doesn’t. So, if a special occasion is about to knock at your door, show how much you are obsessed with a sustainable lifestyle by giving him an eco-friendly shaving set or a bento box for lunches or homemade self-care products.

Leave Room for Errors

No matter how seriously you and your partner are following the sustainability rules, you can’t expect sustainable habits to form instantly. Sometimes you choose fast fashion clothes over ethical clothes, and other times your partner mistakenly comes with plastic bags that you can’t throw outside. So, leave room for errors and make sure it will not repeat again.

What are your preferred sustainable practices with your partner?


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