5 Wholesome YouTube Channels To Soothe Your Stress

Yes. I only know of five.


Tosin Sanusi

3 years ago | 4 min read

A quick glance at my YouTube feed paints the picture of an unstable reality television fiend with an unhealthy obsession with true crime and makeup she can’t afford. Somewhere amongst the chaos are whispers of the well-adjusted state of mind I strive to cultivate in my life, content that might actually add value to my life.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is cleaning up my social media feeds to ensure I’m consuming positive content that puts me in the right mental space to reach my goals. I’m trying to be realistic about it. I know I’ll still watch ‘Nene Leakes dragging everybody part two’ every day and enjoy the odd public freakout. However, my brain has been craving some wholesome, constructive entertainment.

If your goal is similar to mine, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the following channels. The list is so short because there are actually so few wholesome channels in my subscription list. I obviously have a lot of social media decluttering to do and lots of mind food to find.

1. The Dodo

The Dodo is a heartwarming community of animal lovers who care about protecting the well-being of innocent creatures. Many of their videos tell the stories of abandoned or abused animals who finally find their well-deserved forever homes.

If you seek to restore your faith in humanity, you need to watch a video that portrays kind people who refuse to give up on animals who have never experienced love. My favorite part of their content is seeing the gratitude in a creature's eyes when they look at their new human families.

2. Fairyland Cottage

When widespread lockdowns began in March, after I got over the strangeness of being at home, I fell in love with the idea of slow living. It was the perfect time to come across Fairyland Cottage, a beautiful, calming channel where a lovely lady named Niamh with the sweetest voice shares her insights and tips on sustainability, healthy eating, and simple living.

Scenic footage from Niamh’s idyllic cottage in the Irish countryside makes this channel a pleasure to watch. Mouthwatering vegan recipes and useful tips on how to live more mindfully and planet-friendly are valuable in these stressful times when the environment is a chief concern.

3. Earth Mama Medicine

I’ve been watching Veladya Chapman for years and I’ve loved seeing her manifest the beautiful life she kindly shares with viewers. A holistic nutritionist, she imparts her knowledge of health, spirituality, homesteading, and womanhood. She is a role model for me as a successful businesswoman, mother, and advocate for women of color.

High-quality footage of Veladya’s joyful, colorful home where she lives with her partner, Matt, their adorable animals, and their precious daughter, Aura always manages to bring a smile to my face. If you want a positivity boost and some information to nourish the body and soul, check out Earth Mama Medicine.

4. Wear I Live

This is an inspiring fashion channel that features Jenny, a twenty-something living on her own in New York. She brings us along as she navigates the complexities of career, relationships, and mental health. She reminds us that there’s a more economical and sustainable alternative to fast fashion by blessing us with thrift hauls that showcase her unique style.

Watching her artfully produced vlogs has inspired me to find my own signature fashion sense and commit to reducing my consumption of unethical clothing brands. She lives with chronic illness and some mental health struggles and she doesn't avoid sharing the low points of her challenges. Her authenticity is a huge part of her appeal and she demonstrates it in the way she relates to viewers and the brands she chooses to collaborate with.

5. Emilia Fart

I found Emilia Fart about four years ago when her channel was relatively small and I’m so glad I did. It’s hard to describe her work since it’s so unique. Her videos consist of goofy public antics, dramatic monologues, and stories about her colorful past. Emilia’s absurdity is hilarious (like the time she got Uber Eats delivered to her bathtub) and her honesty is refreshing.

Watching her videos reveals a story of self-discovery and acceptance. We learn about how she came into her sexuality and assumed her ultimate form as a blue-haired, kaftan-wearing cat mistress. Weird and wonderful Emilia will remind you to accept the strangeness of life and have fun with it.

Many of us spend most of our free time consuming content in one way or another. According to research expert Amy Watson, the average person around the world spends over 7.5 hours on media per day. YouTube, being an extremely popular platform, boasts a wide variety of topics and personalities. It’s no surprise that much of the content there is less-than uplifting but much of it is very inspiring and even stress-relieving.

Since the YouTube algorithm relies on your viewing habits, you can control what is placed in front of you. I’ve often chosen to feed the algorithm with trash TV, celebrity gossip, and dark topics like murder. I see nothing wrong with a bit of junk food for the mind once in a while but I know that constantly filling my consciousness with negativity can't be good.

In 2020, I spent a lot of time repairing my relationship with food and getting into the habit of putting good things into my body. Now, I feel the need to do the same with my mind. Since I spend a lot of my free time on YouTube I figured I’d start there. What are your favorite wholesome YouTube channels?


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