6 Consideration For Fast Product Release

Launching Your Product faster in the market is the need of the hour.


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In the race to get to market first, businesses today face a lot many challenges to gain unbeatable product speed and timely delivery without compromising the quality of the product.

Good quality can never be ignored. At the same time, a product should not fail in achieving its targets and deadlines. In such a case, what product managers need to do is to find the best possible way to get their work done at the right time.

Hence, they look forward to accelerating their product development to stay ahead with their competitors.

Have you ever heard about the leading e-commerce venture Amazon that has changed its software at every 11 seconds, about 8000 changes every day?

Can you just imagine what this would do to their competitors who do not make changes so often?

Product development is a continuous process that involves constant changes in the product to make it stand alone in the market. Fast product development facilitates businesses to have less time to launch their product in the market. Also, it will involve less cost along with fewer risks as the entire process is all automated.

Skyrocketing the Product Development Process to boosts Efficiency

The success of a product startup depends on its skilled development team and the smart techniques they implement when undergoing product development.

Accelerating the product development process ensures high-quality product and launch it into the market within the specified time-frame. The fast launch would also promise increased sales and flexibility to the team for making changes.

Listed down the 6 steps to boost the Product Development Process:

A successful product company depends on how well it keeps its promises with its shareholders and customers. This is why launching a super quality product on time in the market is quite a challenging task for them.

Given below are six steps that help you speed up product development.

A Roadmap to Smart Product Development

Having a well-defined and smart product development strategy is considered a crucial step when planning a product. A strategy will provide you with a sequence of processes that must be followed for building the product. It will define the purpose of having the application around.

Before starting the product development process, a well-planned roadmap is to be created. It involves all the necessary steps-right from product iteration to product launch.

Given below are the three main tactics that can be implemented in the product development strategy:

a. Market Research

It is very important to perform research before releasing any product in the market. You must clearly understand your target audience before undergoing product design and development. Determine how the product will benefit the customers. Inspect the features to incorporate in the product that will interest your target audience. Conduct the surveys and research the product requirements in the market outside before going for development.

Below are the few questions that need to be taken into consideration.

  • What are the needs of your target audience?
  • What are the benefits of the new product?
  • Will the product fit into the current market?
  • What are the features to be incorporated into your product?

b. Meeting Deadlines

Deciding a timeframe will help in distributing the tasks to different team members. Your timely release of the project will depend on the experience and tech-expertise of the team members.

Team efficiency and collaboration are extremely crucial for successful product development. Depending on the features of the product, user needs, and the expertise of the people involved in the project, you must decide the correct release date.

c. Figuring Out Key Approaches

It is important to follow certain key approaches to beat the challenges that come with product planning and launch. Mentioned below are some of the main ones:


Wireframing facilitates UX designers with an in-depth idea about the designs, features, and functionalities that should be included in the app’s UI.

Product Specification Requirements

This includes detailed product specification like pricing, design features, and functionalities, marketing specifications, etc.

Define Test Strategy

The development team must go through different testing strategies that save both time and cost. Frameworks like Selenium, JMeter, Appium etc. facilitates testers to conduct parallel testing, regression testing and performance testing.

Agile Methodology Is The Way

Agile methodology, based on the principles of the Agile Manifesto is the most commonly by many of the businesses today.

Many businesses used agile methodology to develop a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) and release it in the market with ”minimal features” to get users response fast. It provides them with the opportunity to upgrade the product based on user’s feedback. It is considered crucial as it helps to eliminate the bugs and errors present in the product and makes it more efficient.

In an agile process, each team will work in parallel with each other, checking for the quality of the work. They collaborate with each other on a consistent basis, right from the designing stage to the developing stage, and most importantly the testing stage. Agile saves development time as each sprint task must be completed before moving on to the next one.

It is beneficial for stakeholders and clients as it enables them to see into each and every development stage of the project and make decisions throughout the project.

Automation Is All You Need

It is imperative to conduct software testing at regular intervals so that the development cycle can run smoothly. Testing should be done in each phase in order to make the product works well. Automated testing and manual testing are the procedures adopted during the testing process.

Automated testing tests your code in-depth to improve and increase software quality. On the other hand, manual testing requires a constant watch by a person to tests results.

Test Automation provides you with a better insight into each product, analyze the codes memory contents, data tables, the contents of the file and internal programs to check whether the product is performing as expected.

This will improve the accuracy of the software.

Also, automation enables you to gather data in real-time and identifies bugs before they damage the product.

Make Use Of Trending Software Technologies

Presently, there are a lot of software development technologies trending in the market right now. With the availability of numerous software development technologies in the market, choosing the right technology stack for the product is extremely crucial.

Application Development Environment (ADE) plays a vital role in the testing software framework. It is necessary to choose the right tech stack to avoid bottlenecks in your product.

A right technology stack for the product has to be chosen if you want to build a smart digital product and launch in the market in less time.

Before choosing the technology stack, you must –

a) Understand the market trends

b) Match technology suitability with the product specifications

c) Identify expenses of the technology

d) Focus on flexible execution

e) Determine if third party code is required

Clear and Precise Documentation

Documentation is considered a crucial aspect for every stakeholder involved in the project. It describes the architecture and functionalities of a product for developers, designers, users, marketers, etc. It is a formal representation of each and every detail involved in product development.

Documentation helps to improve the quality of software and becomes very effective. It has to be written in a clear and concise manner so that it can accelerate the development process.

Documentation can be mainly:

a. Design Documentation

Design documentation facilitates developers by giving the details on how the final product will look. There will be a narrative and graphical documentation on how the software should look, feel, behave, and so on.

b. Technical Documentation

The technical document describes the architecture and functionality of the software used by developers, designers, and quality analysts.

c. User Documentation

Clear and precise documentation helps users understand how code works. Developers create documentation by eliminating the fundamentals as they believe people who utilize the software understand how the code works.

So, when creating documentation for users, make sure it is clear and easily understandable. WordPress and Bootstrap are considered good examples of perfect documentation.

d. Marketing Documentation

Marketing documentation comprised a basic overview of what the software will provide to the company in the end - the ROI. It helps in scaling software quality.

No Space For Unused Code

Eliminating unused code is necessary as it can generate a number of issues. When new emerging developers join the project, they usually make code modifications that can result in the rise of bugs/errors in the product.

Analyzing any code is a bit tedious task, as you have to go through each one of them and if you find any unused codes in the codebase, it can only create confusion and mess. Chances are comparatively less that unused codes will ever be used again. Coders implementing the codes must know which are the used and the unused ones.

Cleaning code at regular intervals can speed up your development process, and improve the software quality.

Bottom Line

In the present scenario, faster time to market is more lucrative for any business whether you seek to attract new customers or enter new markets. The quality of the product in development is the primary even before the speed of product development. It is imperative to focus on parallel testing to eliminate the risks associated with product delays.

So do you want to accelerate your product development and launch your product on time in the market?


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