6 Ideas for Running an Effective Contact Center

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First impressions matter and have a substantial effect when attending to customers. The chance for your business or organization to leave an excellent first impression is often up to your contact center. No matter the size of your company, top-notch customer experiences, and reliable services should always be your top priorities. 

The contact center in an organization manages all customer interactions across many channels. Its primary purpose is to offer efficient sales assistance and customer service. Contact center agents mainly attend to phone calls, emails, social media interactions and web chats. Your call/contact center operations must be at their peak, or you deal with customer dissatisfaction. Some other duties performed by contact centers are:

  • Replying to complaints and queries
  • Booking of appointments
  • General inquiries
  • Keeping tab of conversations
  • Answering inbound calls
  • Responding to or sending emails

Benefits of a Contact Center

A contact center is an essential aspect of a customer's journey. Here are some of the top benefits of a contact center:

  • It improves customer profiling. While interacting with customers, they share personal information about their preferences. Information transmitted can enhance future services.
  • It saves money and time.
  • Productivity is enhanced.
  • It encourages customers to self-serve and solves their problems.
  • A professional image is built. A contact center can show the seriousness of your business.
  • A contact center is an easy way to identify and prioritize urgent calls. 
  • It improves customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Builds better customer relationships
  • Your customers can access you 24/7

Ideas to Effectively Run a Contact Center

Contact center employees often feel overwhelmed by the numerous calls they receive daily, reducing productivity. Therefore, your company must provide a conducive work zone to get the best from these employees. There's no established formula to ensure the success of a contact center. But, with a team working together and using the right technology, success is possible. We have put together six tips to enhance the operations of your contact center.

1. Regular Communication With Your Employees

Scheduling meetings regularly with your contact center employee is essential. During meetings, they can share ideas for improvement and challenges faced while working. Remember, they are the direct link to your customers, and they need to understand what customers expect from the services rendered. Also, make sure you are easy to approach and welcome feedback. It is also vital to ask your workers about their life outside of work to show that you care and appreciate what they do.

2. Automation of Tasks

The need for increased efficiency and low costs has always encouraged investing in technologies. The latest trend in contact centers is the introduction of automation. Contact center automation is a new and emerging technology that can transform your entire contact center operation. It involves using intelligent algorithms to attend to customers without human interference. For example, chats with customers are automated with a chatbot.

The chatbot can help customers by answering common questions via Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Contact center automation offers the following benefits:

  • It improves customer experience and allows customers to self-serve.
  • Automation eliminates data entry errors. It prevents the misspelling of names or incomplete house/mail addresses.
  • Employee engagement is increased.
  • It reduces employees' screen time.
  • Retrieving information is faster.
  • It can resolve customer complaints without speaking to agents.
  • It accelerates decision-making.

3. Gamification

Contact center efficiency is linked to engaged, motivated and productive workers. It may involve virtual contests and challenges to earn points. But the bottom line is that it creates an image of having fun at work by playing video games.

Contact center workers are the voice of your company. They may feel overworked, and gamification is an easy means of distracting them from the workload. Various contact centers can use gamification features to keep agents on track. Below are some of the techniques used:

  • Badges for agents to see their achievements
  • Competition to see who is working better
  • Feedback to know where they are headed
  • Teamwork

4. Use Conversational AI

The disruptions of the past year due to COVID-19 have affected consumer behaviors. Many customers now engage with companies virtually, and their expectations have risen. The use of conversational AI can provide customers with what they need in a faster, more efficient way. They are familiar and comfortable with conversational AI because they use them every day in the form of Amazon's Alexa or Apple's Siri.

Conversational AI can recognize human speech and text inputs and translate their meanings. They can work in any language because they have in-built Machine Learning (ML), coupled with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Conversational AI-enabled chatbots are more advanced than typical chatbots. Dialogues and responses are not scripted because they can learn. Its use in a contact center has the following benefits:

  • Customers get a fast response to their questions. No need to wait for an available agent.
  • It directs customers to other available help channels.
  • 24-hour service is possible even when your team is off.
  • It provides a better customer experience.
  • More customers are served at a low cost. 
  • It frees up time for contact center employees.

5. Proper Scheduling

Working in a contact center is sometimes overwhelming, and the stress it brings can affect productivity. Reduced productivity of employees can, in turn, affect the organization's success. It is essential to ensure proper scheduling of work hours. 

Give your agents enough time to renew their energy from their last shift, so they don't feel stressed and burned out. Extended hours may get more work done, but you will almost always see a negative shift in customer service.

6. Always Listen to Customers' Feedback

An efficient and successful contact center understands its clients because they know what its customers want by asking them about their personal preferences. Customer feedback is a way to listen to and understand a customer's voice. Any review or advice will help you make the needed changes to improve and retain their experiences. A feedback survey may be made available through emails, newsletters or social media.


The contact center is the voice of any organization. Improving your contact center's operational efficiency requires keen attention and investing in applicable technology. And the most important thing is that your customers will take notice and appreciate your commitment to unparalleled service.


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