6 most important things to know before starting your first job

Odds of getting a good job are high yet being successful, happy and contented is the top priority


Sujatha Gollapalli

3 years ago | 3 min read

First job can be very exciting and equally scary as you are starting a new phase of life and it decides your career path and memorable experience which you dreamt about from long.

Odds of getting a good job are high yet being successful, happy and contented from it are the top priorities.

Are you just starting your first job? Here are few most important things to know before starting your first job to have a successful professional career.

1) Commitment: This is the most common confusing aspect and often underrated hence employees make it a practice of job-hopping more often keeping only salary as a top priority. It is ideal to stay in one job for a minimum of 3 - 5 years else several questions will be raised in your next company interviews on job hopping and it may sound you are unstable and it might be a major obstacle to get into the right job. So make a good career choice and give a decent commitment for a flourishing career.

2) Contented: Welcome to the real world! Challenges are everywhere and in any job or role you play in your life. Every job is tough in its own way and no job is a bed of roses and the struggle is real. Don’t keeping yelling at your life and the position you are in. Keep in mind that there are many unemployed out there looking for opportunities and stop comparisons with your friends, colleagues and neighbors who are in a better position. They struggled to be there in that position. Take it as an inspiration and the take away is to be contented and happy with you current job role.

3) Keep Learning: Well! Most common myth is that once you start your professional career studying/learning comes to a end. Oh no! You’re earning stops when learning stops. If your job doesn’t give you more opportunities to learn and keep improving your skills on daily basis then you are not in the right shoe. Time to rethink on your career choice. Any job role should require and involve a continuous learning activity to be successful in life and to grow great heights. Learn and keep learning is the mantra you need to follow.

4) Patience: First job will be a total new experience as you get to see many friends for benefits in your professional career. Give it all your efforts and break a leg and let your work speak for you. Not every time your work might get appreciation and your efforts will be identified. You might have worked real late nights to finish the project on time with a tight deadline yet appreciation which you deserve might not come your way. Don’t get disappointed, keep it in mind that you have mastered a new skill and it is a new learning each time.

5) Attitude: Carry a confident positive attitude in your first job. Trust me it matters. No one would like to go on a coffee break with someone who is dull and sober. Everyone would love talking to a happy person who is full of life, cheers and positive energy. Make some good friends for a lifetime also it is important to socialize and be friendly with everyone in your workplace yet stay away from people who keep mocking about the office, job and life. Don’t let the negativity surround you by any means. At the end of the day you are in a happy space, doing what you love to do for your dream career is all that matters. Slay in your own style in your first job and make positive impressions wherever you go.

6) Add Value: The value you add to the organization is not actually the value you add for the company yet it is the real value you created for your profession career, it is the first step of your professional success. Take ownership for your work and the position you are in and nail it. Be honest to your work and the organization and it is not just that they are paying yet they helped you create a beautiful path to your professional career.

Work place is not meant to be for enjoyment or joy as one visualize before starting their first job yet it is full of challenges and make sure that you love the work you do and be a pro in it. The irony is that when a employee decide to move from a company irrespective of the cordial long association they have with the company they tend to get detached from the company soon after deciding to move. Change is inevitable. There will come a point wherein you might go to a better job for a better career choice then make sure to take a smooth cordial relieving from the current employer too after all it is your first work place to be remembered forever.


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