6 Lessons I’ve Learned During my First Year as a Marketing Manager

What would you tell your younger self? These 6 lessons helped me rethink my current state of work.


Victoria Kurichenko

3 years ago | 2 min read

What would you tell your younger self? These 6 lessons helped me rethink my current state of work, while for some they could open new opportunities.

1 — Define your career path

The sooner you realize your preferred career fit, the faster you’re able to achieve your career goals. If you want to become a Pay-Per-Click manager, do not sit in silence and perform random tasks. You risk wasting precious years.

2 — Pick a workplace that fulfills your personal goals

Start searching for a new job If your current workplace does not contribute to your professional development. I’ve worked as a PM, Online reputation manager, Quora manager, Content manager, etc. I’ve got experience from each position, but the knowledge has been rather general.

You might be hired for one position, but end up with different responsibilities. Make sure your personal goals are not neglected when accepting a new job offer.

3 — Learn from experts around you

Climb the career ladder faster by learning from middle or senior experts at your company. If you are hired as a junior specialist, make sure you get a clear responsibilities list and a mentor who can guide you.

4 — Dare to increase your professional network

Be open for new connections online and offline; professional and personal. The most valuable insights can come from strangers who you’ve never known before.

Grow your network on LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, or even here, on Medium. Ask questions, share your opinion, publish your thoughts online, and exchange valuable experience with others.

5 — Master these critical skills

Express thoughts clearly and cohesively

I’ve managed developers and designers at 21. I’ve learned to add a context to every task. It provides a clear picture of what has to be done, why, and how. Proper communication helps to avoid misunderstanding and find the best solution to a problem.

Root cause and critical thinking

Look deeper into problems and figure out why they occur. The 5 Why rule helps to discover answers based on facts. Here is an example:

  • Why do you want to redesign a webpage? → Design looks outdated ❌
  • Why do you want to redesign a webpage? → Our conversion rate is low ✅

Do you see the difference? Being able to detect the reason helps to set the right objectives and communicate them.

6 — Take care of your mental health

Your health and well-being are far more important than your workplace. Do not let any boss make you feel unmotivated and stressed.

Your first workplace is not your last workplace. You can move on to reach better work conditions and create a life-work balance.

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