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Christian Jensen

2 years ago | 3 min read

Being the huge podcast nerd that I am, I recently made a list of 6 + 2 of my favorite NFT podcasts. I concluded the article by saying that I’d likely have to do a follow-up in a few weeks because of the many new podcasts I knew I would discover. Well, the time has come!

In my previous article, I covered the following podcasts, all of which I’m still a regular listener of: Two Bored ApesPROOFThe Nifty ShowNFT Catcher PodcastThe Mint ConditionShot2TheMoonBankless, and Unchained.

Now, just in case those weren’t enough, I’ve got 6 new recommendations for you. Give them a listen, thank the hosts for making them, thank me for recommending them, and then thank the podcast app creators for giving us 2x playback speed!

Edge of NFT Podcast

This one has quickly become one of my favorites. The hosts interview interesting creators and innovators from the NFT space and cover the most important news as well. Recent interviews feature people from Avalanche, Animoca Brands, and 0N1 Force. All really interesting and insightful conversations worth checking out!

Check it out here.


The Matthew and Rizzle Show

I had just started listening to The Matthew and Rizzle Show when I made my first list of podcasts and have since become a big fan. It’s another interview-format podcast where the two hosts bring on creators behind some of the most interesting new NFT projects.

Some of the projects they talk about haven’t even launched yet, so these interviews offer a good opportunity for you to discover and get in on some promising upcoming projects before they take off.

Listen to it here.


Non Fungible Takes

Non Fungible Takes is only four episodes in but already one of my favorites. Steve and tmas share what they’ve been up to in the NFT world, cover the latest news and hot topics, and bring on cool guests. The first episode covered the Doodles whitelist controversy, the CreatureToadz $350k hack, and had the founder of Goatz on to talk about the project.

In the following episodes, they interviewed Shamdoo, the 16-year-old behind the HeadDAO project, recapped NFT.NYC, discussed the ENS airdrop, and much more.

Listen to it here.


Flamingo Fridays

Flamingo Fridays is a weekly Twitter Space hosted by the FlamingoDAO. You can tune into the live version every Friday at 12pm EST / 4pm UTC or listen to the recording a few days later. The Flamingo team talks about the projects they’re most excited about and brings on founders and other prominent people to dig in even further.

Listen to it here.


Floor is Rising

Floor is Rising is hosted by NFT collector Sabretooth and contemporary art critic Kizu who bring on guests to talk about all-things NFTs. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long and features emerging artists, NFT collectors, and other innovators in the space.

One of my favorite episodes is titled ‘Debate: Are NFTs a scam?’ where Dennis Porter and Sabretooth have a very sound and constructive discussion about what you really get when buying an NFT and what the future holds for the technology. I personally think we need more conversations like this to further advance the space!

Check it out here.



This podcast is a little different than the others on the list. First up, it’s a one-man show by John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire, so no interviews here. He kicks off each episode with a rundown of the NFT projects with the highest weekly sales volume. He then breaks down a specific NFT project that’s caught his attention and gives it a score on uniqueness, artwork, community, and roadmap.

Since John’s scoring system plays such an important part in this podcast, I recommend you begin with the detailed explanation in episode 2. I also hope that more episodes are about to come out since the latest was released more than a month ago.

Listen to it here.

Bonus podcast: Blockchain And Booze

I obviously had to add one more because what’s a good listicle without a bonus item?! In all seriousness though, I decided to add Blockchain And Booze as a bonus because it spans a wider range of topics than only NFTs and because I’ve only listened to one episode so far. The one episode I listened to makes me very optimistic about the podcast though: A chat about building and empowering your community with NFTs, featuring Gary Vaynerchuk of VeeFriendsNoah Davis of Christie’s, and Joe Vezzani of LunarCRUSH. Worth checking out in my opinion.

Listen to it here.

There you have it folks! 6 more podcasts and a bonus to add to the 6 recommendations and 2 bonuses from my previous article… I hope you’ll like at least a couple of them! If not, maybe you’ll find your new favorite on my next rundown of NFT podcasts, which I’ll probably have to make in another couple of weeks if new ones keep popping up at this rate!

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