6 Tips to Run Your Small Business Using an iPhone

Establish Communication Protocols


Harshanki Thakker

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Tips to run your small business using your iPhone

If you happen to be an iPhone user, you must have known the perks of it as an individual. The accessibility and easy-to-use interface makes us almost dependent on our devices.

But if you are a business freak who is always on the go, you need to stay in constant touch with your work. Your iPhone can help you achieve that target. This means you can travel with ease while running your small business with an iPhone. Let’s break down the process.

Establish Communication Protocols

Managing your team becomes your primary concern as a small business owner. You do not want to miss getting a necessary follow-up from your client or miss a consignment on your E-Commerce store. These are tiny but little pieces of data that you have to receive, manage and access at any time of the day.

You need to be updated with your ecosystem to run your business smoothly. Using Hubspot, Slack, or Basecamp on your iPhone can establish effective communication with your team and monitor the protocols.

One can also use Zoom to have meetings with potential clients. The insane camera quality of your iPhone not only increases your visual appeal but also increases the creative appeal. It would make the perfect combination to lure your client.

Talk about making notes? Use Evernote!

Go Social

A growing business, especially startups, needs to build a supportive community across the internet continually. This community not only helps your buyer but also plays an essential role in building brand loyalty and supporting you at all times.

While the last two decades were devoted to developing and improving the social media handles, this decade should focus on using them to strengthen your business. Use your smartphone to build this community by exploring social media apps using your iPhone.

Manage your social media accounts, interact with your followers, and solve their problems. Keep yourself updated with the trends using Twitter and post relevant content using on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media network of your choice.

Use a tool like Hootsuite to access multiple accounts from a single platform and learn to reuse content. Even a small emerging brand located at the remotest place in the world can establish an effective brand presence online if they strategise their social media right. Understand the game, use your phone to execute the process, and witness the results yourself.

Create visual content

One of the primary features that iPhones are known for is their excellent camera quality. Fourteen years of iPhone evolution, and the lens gets better with each device upgrade. Businesses these days are transforming into visual content. A video format is a great way to keep your consumer hooked to your product/service because it gives them a personalised feeling. This helps you work on the trust factor a little more.

The camera these iPhones have can compete with any high-end DSLRs in the market and generate satisfactory results. Moreover, your device is capable enough to capture, edit, and publish the content in a matter of hours.

Use your phone’s camera to click pictures of your product, edit them using Lightroom or Snapseed and schedule the content using Buffer or Hootsuite, all with a couple of clicks. Repurpose the content to develop your brand, make the right amends to use these images on your website or Instagram, or share it via email to potential clients.

Stay organized with these exclusive apps

Apple's App Store is filled with exclusive applications for business owners. Depending on your purpose, these apps can help you build a team, understand task management, plan your month, or draw mind maps to understand the procedure.

Dropbox, Business Plans for Startups, Mint, etc., are some of the apps you can use to your advantage as an entrepreneur. Trust me on this; there is an app on the internet for every purpose your brain can think of. Understand your business goals, have your priorities straight and download these apps to suit your needs best.

Manage your business payments seamlessly

You can either be a product-based or a service-based startup. Regardless of your business type, you need to carry several transactions daily and monitor the cash flow to sustain your business healthily. Times are changing. Gone are the days when people used to stick to swiping their credit cards for everything.

Netbanking and mobile banking are slowly taking over. Be it to purchase stocks in the market or manage your business payments; there are multiple alternatives out there that can help you monitor your cash flow.

Using apps like PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, or, other than your bank’s apps, can help you cover your payments using your smart device.

Get an edge with smart small business apps

Being a small business owner, you need to wear a lot of hats. You need to know about everything happening in your business and fill in your shoes whenever necessary. I often wonder why small businesses are not labelled as smart businesses.

Jokes apart, with the constructive startup environment, entrepreneurs these days are developing applications for small businesses and ease out the road to success.

Use Slack to communicate, Square or PayPal to carry transactions, HootSuite to monitor your digital presence, Rescue Time to track your time, and Shopify to refer to the order history and customer purchases.

Most of these apps are free to use, and the in-app purchases are very steep. The good part, these apps can later be accessed from any device with just the login credentials. You need not worry about losing your data even if you lose your iPhone.

Become a successful entrepreneur using your iPhone

I cannot stress this enough.

We are born in an age when there are more privileges than we can consume, where the technologies develop faster than a stock price rising. Apple Ecosystem’s journey is living proof.

32% of the people transition from the Android Community to the Apple ecosystem for an improved standard of living. Higher accessibility, easier integration, and faster transmission of data with utmost security are what Apple has always delivered as a brand. It’s time we understand the importance of owning these gadgets, realise their potential, and scrutinise it to our maximum benefit.

The hustlers do not complain. They understand the value of simpler things and work using them to achieve what they’ve dreamt of.


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