6 Ways in Which Email Marketing Can Boost D2C Sales

Here are the top six ways to maximize D2C sales using email marketing:


Alon Ghelber

3 years ago | 4 min read

Direct-to-Consumer sales or D2C sales is a business model that refers to the transfer of goods right from the manufacturer to the end customer without the involvement of any intermediaries.

The demand for email marketing has risen due to COVID-19. Nowadays, many manufacturers are getting into a direct sales model through online eCommerce platforms or physical outlets to showcase samples from their inventories. Email marketing has become an integral part of their perfect GTM strategy.

Email marketing is one of the best ways for D2C businesses to boost their sales. It is cost-effective and ROI friendly. Here are the top six ways to maximize D2C sales using email marketing:

1- Directly Ask Your Audience About Their Preferences

As a D2C brand, you must always value customer opinions. You must market to a segment that really needs your products. Suppose you are making customized products, you must seek advice from your targeted audience regarding the type of products they wish to receive from your brand.

This will make your audience feel that their opinions are valued, thereby improving your brand image and brand credibility. One crucial thing to be considered before asking them about their preferences is that you should be at a level where the amount of unsubscribes makes a minimal figure.

2- Make Your Subject Line Perfect

Your subscribers are probably getting hundreds of emails every day. They might not even open your email if the subject line of your mail is not compelling.

A subject line plays an essential role in determining the open email rates. Hence, your email subject lines should be perfect and persuasive so that your audiences feel the need and desire to open your emails.

Here are a few tips to make your email subject lines catchy and attractive:

  • Show a sense of urgency in your subject line.
  • Create curiosity amongst your audience with your email subject.
  • Keep your subject line crisp and straightforward.
  • Use the first names of the recipients to add a personalized touch.
  • Keep your language effortlessly comfortable.
  • Include a compelling question to drive better engagement.
  • Avoid using characters in all capitals.

3. Draft a Compelling Email Copy

Words are your weapon in email marketing. You should be able to communicate your message in a simple language. Here are a few things that you need to consider while drafting the email copy.

  • Do not over-communicate your message.
  • Keep your message clear and crisp.
  • Use a straightforward language.
  • Keep a check on your tone.
  • Avoid using acronyms, short forms, and slang languages in your mails.
  • Avoid using complicated sentences. For example, instead of using complex words like a large number of you can use simpler synonyms like instead of using “expeditious,” use “fast.”
  • Structure your message logically.

4. Follow The Latest Trends

It is essential to follow the latest email trends to maximize user engagement. Here are some of the recent trends that will help you double up your email conversions:

  • Keep your email design minimalist. It is essential because it optimizes the email load time, delivers a crisp brand image, and focuses on the offer instead of the design.
  • Invest in personalized automated emails to improve the speed and deliverability of your emails. You can use an email marketing platform for this task.
  • Keep your emails responsive so that your audience can open your emails irrespective of the devices they are using.
  • Integrate social media callouts in your emails. This helps your audience to connect with your brand across other social media platforms.
  • Try to include video content messages in your emails. If you are a product based company, promoting videos like product unboxing, reviewing, and how-to tutorials may help.

5- Send Authentic Emails And Improve Email Deliverability

Email marketing requires you to send tons of emails to the consumers daily. Hence, the risk of your emails being flagged as spam by the email service providers is high. This is where email authenticity comes in.

All the emails received by email providers are checked for authenticity, and if the email fails the authenticity list, they land in the spam folder. You surely won’t let that happen with your emails.

There are four significant ways to prove that your emails are authentic. These are SPF, SenderID, DKIM, and DomainKeys. SPF and SenderID let you modify the DNS parameters to prove your emails are genuine. At the same time, DKIM and DomainKeys adds special authentication codes in the header of your emails so that the email providers know the emails received are trustworthy.

Hence, email authenticity is something that you should never ignore because it directly affects your emails’ deliverability. High deliverability leads to better ROI.

Final Thoughts

When done right, email marketing can help in improving your D2C sales. As D2C is a direct sales model where no intermediaries are there to communicate the value of products, it is crucial for your business to send clear, engaging, and crisp emails to your consumers. Follow the above six email marketing strategies to take your D2C business to the next level.


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