7 Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021

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Vivek Dwivedi

3 years ago | 4 min read

You may have heard the famous phrase by Bill Gates that "Content Is King" in online marketing. But, have you ever thought why it has been called the king? 

The reason is quite obvious. Whatever you see online whether it's text, videos or any other thing, it is simply a "Content".  Different forms of content can help you make numerous strategies to achieve all your business goals. 

The best part about content is that you can choose different forms of content like text, infographic, video, ebooks, pdf, etc to name a few for your audiences. However, here comes the main question! How can you do it right so that you can achieve your goals? The answer is Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is a perfect bridge that connects you & your business with the audience. Now, Content Marketing has been in practice for years.

With every passing year, we are witnessing new trends coming for the audiences from the corporate houses to drive maximum business. In fact, with a recent pandemic of Covid 19, content marketing has become an integral part of business strategies. 

So, to stay updated with the latest trends, I am bringing 7 must content marketing trends that you need to implement in 2021.

1. Video Marketing

Now, you may have been hearing from the last few years that Video Marketing will play a key role in content marketing strategy. Well, this is true for 2021 as well. You will see that every year, more and more businesses are opting for video content as it is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your audience.

According to Hubspot, having a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates up to 80%. Also, many brands have been preferring video content on various social media platforms as it is one of the best ways to get organic traffic.

So, 2021 is going to be a year when video marketing will take a big leap. Do make sure to include it in your content marketing strategy!

2. Building Your Community

If you want to make your business successful in 2021, then building your community will play a key role to make it happen. Now, you may ask, why do you need to make a community? Or what will be the benefits of having a community?

Well, there are multiple benefits you get while building your personal community. The first and foremost benefit is that you will obtain loyal audiences for your business.

Other benefits include cost-effectiveness, authenticity, innovation and so on. It is indeed one of the best ways to make your brand successful. So, don't forget to add it in your content marketing strategy.

3. Repurposing Of Content

Yes, repurposing of content will play a crucial role in your content marketing strategy for 2021. 

Instead of creating more content, repurposing of content will do wonders for your business. The reason is you can repurpose your content in any forms like slideshow, blog, short video, podcast or anything giving your audience a fresh piece that they can resonate with. 

Not only does it save your time and cost, but also helps you to appeal to the newer audience. You can also use it for cross-promoting your content on various social media platforms. Surely the best thing to do in 2021, right?

4. AI-Powered Content Marketing 

Artificial Intelligence is the future. And yes, it is going to revolutionize content marketing in 2021. AI will play a key role to increase your reach, attract & convert new audiences for your business. 

When I say AI-powered content marketing what does it really mean? The answer is using numerous tools to create top-quality content. You will be surprised that brands have already started using this technique to increase their overall business. 

Tools like Contentyze, API-GPT3 which uses AI technology gives detailed summaries, blogs posts and even captions. I know this is something scary, but as technology advances, you need to update as well. 

5. Enhancing User Experience 

Enhancing the overall user experience of your audience will be a game-changer to boost your business. The point is when marketers write content, they usually try to please Google. But, they forget the main point that in the end, it is their audience who's going to consume content.

In fact, in 2021, Google will prefer content that improves the overall experience of the user. The better you provide great information, the better you will rank on google.

Make sure you look at other factors like website speed, web design, forms of content and so on to rank higher. 

6. Live Sessions Will Become A New Normal

With the recent pandemic Covid19 outbreak, the live sessions conducted by the brands have taken significant growth. People have started moving toward live digital content. 

Brands doing a live video session on Zoom, Google Meet, etc have become a new way to resonate your vision with the audiences. 

And yes, this is not limited to only vision but various things out there like educating your audience, engaging with them, taking crucial feedback and so on.

Including this trend to your content marketing will surely help you to grow in 2021.

7. Optimizing CRO 

Business is all about generating revenue in the end. Whatever activity that you do has an end goal of earning revenue from it. Thus, optimizing conversion rate optimization (CRO) will be the next big trend that many businesses will adopt.

Suppose, you are putting lots of content out there which results in more reach i.e more and more people are getting your content to read. But, still, if you are not earning with all the benefits then that means you have not optimized your content for revenue.

Thus, here comes the main part of optimizing CRO to drive maximum revenue through your content.

Are you including free ebooks in your content or does a pop-up ad occur when someone leaves your website?

If the answer is no then you need to try various strategies to check, what is working for you and what's not. Incorporating this trend in your content marketing strategy in 2021 will surely boost the overall revenue for you.

Well, this was my 7 must content marketing trends to watch out in 2021. I hoped you found it helpful. If you have any queries, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I will be happy to help. Till then, see ya!

What more content marketing trends are you expecting in 2021? Do share it in the comments below!


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