7 Digital Marketing trends to watch out in the year 2020

If you are not aware about these newest trends, then you are in danger of losing your customers!


Bhavik Sarkhedi

3 years ago | 3 min read

If you are an entrepreneur or a big business brand, then it’s very important for you to promote your brand through proper channels, especially in order to carve your own identity. With the advent and popularization of social media, digital marketing has gained a lot of importance as it targets your audiences efficiently.

However, the trends within digital marketing are changing continuously and if you are not aware about the newest trends, then you are in danger of losing your customers to the competition.

Don’t worry, we are here to guide you through 7 important digital marketing trends you should look out for in the year 2020:

1. Social Commerce ( Shoppable post) :

  • For a long time, businesses were thinking about how to bring these social media users to their online stores. But this issue has been resolved. Instagram's checkout feature was launched in 2019. The feature enabled brands to create posts or ads which when liked by the customer will show the prices and products present in the post.
  • Social Commerce refers to purchasing products directly through social media or ads. The idea is to make it easier for customers to shop. Social commerce is a new concept but it is expected to gain massive popularity in the coming times since almost 54% of the people utilizes social media for researching about products.

2. Direct messaging :

  • In this age of Social Media, it is very important to pay personnel attention to the customers. Personal attention makes the customer happy and improves brand Goodwill in their minds. Nowadays, businesses are moving towards more personal experience through personal messaging to make them feel special.
  • They are utilizing personal messaging as a tool for sales assistance and customer services. The brands help their customers by asking them to describe their need and budget which are then utilised in providing appropriate options to the customers. Such tactics are helping brands to create effective bonding along with their customers.
  • Brands are now using Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram and other sites to connect with customers and resolve all their needs. They are even providing personal discounts and coupons via these streams. Personal discounts and coupons make them feel important and hence increases positive branding for your products

3. Sentimental Analysis :

  • Machine learning has made tremendous progress in understanding the sentiments of the customers through their online posts. Nowadays, all the major brands want to know how the customers are feeling about their products and what are they posting on social media.
  • The brands are now looking forward to listening to what the customers are feeling about their products and how they can improve them in order to be more successful.

4. Micro-influencers :

  • Micro-influencers are the one who have a medium amount of followers and are in constant touch with their followers. They are typically the ones who are yet not bombarded with other sponsorship products.
  • These micro-influencers are not only cheaper than the popular influencers but also have more engagement rates than them. Since they have fewer followers they are able to pay attention to, their followers at a more personal level.
  • Also, most of the micro-influencers have niche followers and if your products also target those niche audience then it’s the best way to promote your brand.

5. Video Blogging ( Vlogs ) :

  • Nowadays, video blogs have gained a lot of popularity due to its efficiency in reaching the target audience. Brands are also focusing on creating branded video blogs which helps them create a much better personal and direct connection.
  • With the availability of YouTube, Insta stories and other mediums, vlogs have garnered quite a popularity. Nowadays, the brands are focussed on creating vlogs which are practical and strategic. You can create an original video focussed on discussing your brand features in an organic way. You can even have some celebrity interview describing the advantages of your product or some different ideas.

6. Funny or interactive posts :

  • It is very important for the brands to let consumers interact with their pages on social media. The greater the interaction the better are the chances of a sale.
  • With that in mind, major brands are trying different interactive posts on social media to garner attention. They are trying to gain customers attention on social media by posting funny replies or having a funny conversation with different brands.
  • The main idea behind such posts is to garner attention as much as possible. Also, such conversation and interactive posts create an impact in the minds of the users and hence improves the overall reach of the brand.

7. Optimizing your page as per search engine updates :

  • During the course of a year, search engines change their search algorithms thousands of time. In order to stay relevant and on top of the searches, one should update their page according to the new changes.
  • It is observed that more and more search queries are now using snippets and hence you should start including snippets while designing your content for the web page.
  • Google and other search engines constantly try to modify their search algorithms in order to provide better solutions to humans. We need to consider these changes and update our SEO techniques accordingly.


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