7 eCommerce Business Ideas With Huge Potential in 2021

Ecommerce has skyrocketed in recent years especially if we talk about pandemic stuck 2020.


Faisal Rehman

3 years ago | 4 min read

We are becoming more and more confined to our smart devices and the internet, especially in the pandemic-stuck world. This situation adversely affected a few domains and has favored the others with a bias. Ecommerce is one of the areas that has seen a boom in recent years, especially in 2020.

There are also solid predictions that it’s going to grow beyond 2021. So, before you dive into eCommerce business ideas, you should be aware of the trending products and ideas for serial entrepreneurs in this domain. Therefore, we have listed 7 top domains that are and will be blooming in the near future.

1. Cosmetics and health products

Cosmetics and health products are responsible for the highest sales around the world. Generally speaking, beauty and health products attract the highest number of customers, whether on physical stores or eCommerce platforms.

However, the eCommerce platforms are maintaining young entrepreneurs for managing this domain because this age group is ideal for such products.

All you have to focus on is one better user experience, and customers will come to your automatically. This is because people nowadays are far more beauty and health-conscious than ever before, thanks to social media platforms.

2. Used products

Do you have something that you don’t need anymore or want to upgrade? Well, a large number of customers are out there to buy second-hand products that are in good health.

With the technology and the product lines advancing so rapidly, the customers are attracted to newer models of products just after a few days of use. This has created a wealth of good-conditioned second-hand products.

You can always find someone who either can’t afford the new product or doesn’t want to pay extra bucks for the new-like shine and are interested in second-hand products. So, platforms selling second-hand products online are also earning a lot. Just make sure you are following the rules and have a checklist to sell products online.

On the other side, there are a lot of other platforms which are offering products like Credit Cards, Online Softwares & much more. The practical examples are Capital one, Ahrefs & Shopify, etc. 

3. Smartwatches and accessories

Not just smartwatches but everything related to them and even anything more than a smartwatch is talk of the town nowadays. The smartwatches encompass anything ranging from low-priced fitness bands to high-end full feature-loaded smartwatches.

People use smartwatches for reasons ranging from fitness tracking, day planning, and even view messages and receive and return calls. The sales of smartwatches and related accessories are expected to reach $73 billion by 2022.

Therefore, this kind of growth makes smartwatches and related accessories worth-considering eCommerce business ideas.

4. Smart home systems and accessories

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for quite some time now. People have started adopting these advanced intelligent systems on large scales, and it’s reshaping retail businesses.

Ranging from opening the garage automatically when you return home to order your favorite food online automatically are all the tasks these smart systems can perform. For instance, Shark Ion Robot vacuum cleaners automatically clean the room without your physical presence in the room.  

Although customers’ interest in IoT-related products is ever-increasing, the number of retailers is not increasing accordingly. Therefore, a huge potential is lying in this domain to make use of it.

5. Online courses and eBooks

Need to learn something new requires a good resource from where you can learn it. Especially since COVID-19 struck the world, the necessity of online education resources is more than ever.

Ranging from universities to schools and from cooking to anything you can think of, people are opting to learn from online resources. Therefore, there are so many options and niches for you to explore and sell your expertise through eCommerce platforms.

This is the right time to offer educational resources and content that is normally not found anywhere else.

6. VA services

As the eCommerce business is flourishing at an unprecedented pace, entrepreneurs require assistants to help them out. 

The tasks for these assistants range from searching for new products, writing descriptions, comparisons, and many more. With the ever-growing competition, you should look for opportunities to provide affordable and quality-assistance to already established eCommerce businesses.

At the start, you can sell your assistantship at a lower price to establish your name, and later on, you can increase your prices and working hours.

7. Entertainment products

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, entertainment products are also keeping up. Especially for kids, toys and games have changed a lot and have huge investment potential. Small business owners have been rocking their business with entertainment products and consider it one of the best eCommerce business ideas to start within 2021.

Although kids nowadays are more into video games and mobile apps, the toy manufacturing companies’ revenues tell a different story. Kids still play with dolls and especially the latest action figures of super-heroes, creating an opportunity for eCommerce business in this niche.

You can start with a small inventory, and especially for eCommerce, you don’t need one. Later on, you can increase the product range to attract more customers.


There is no doubt about eCommerce being the future of business. The world is now running businesses via smartphones, and making payments through digital wallets are indeed the future of the eCommerce business.

There are so many grooming opportunities for everyone ranging from small to large businesses. You have to be very careful before finalizing the product for your store, and its potential in the market.

As we all know, niche selection is one of the most critical steps before launching an eCommerce business. Therefore, for your ease, we have mentioned these business avenues that you must consider before starting your online business adventure.


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