7 Eye-opening Strategies For local online marketing Improvements

Local online marketing enables businesses to promote their products and services to potential customers who live in a certain city or ZIP code. Below are 7 strategies that you can use to improve your local online marketing


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Local online marketing, also known as location-based marketing, is the process of optimizing your website and online advertising to help drive foot traffic and awareness in localized regions. When you run a business that gets the majority of its customers from the local region (75-mile radius), you have to attract prospects who are close enough to literally walk into your shop or close enough for you to visit to provide service. 

Local online marketing enables businesses to promote their products and services to potential customers who live in a certain city or ZIP code. Below are 7 strategies that you can use to improve your local online marketing.

Create and optimize your GMB listing

Your Google my business listing is the main player in the local online marketing game. You need to create and verify Google my business listing first.

Your free Google business listing contains everything a consumer needs in order to make a decision about and even engage with your business. In your listing, you need to optimize these details: Name of the business, contact number, complete address, operating hours, business description, and product pictures.

Work on local SEO

Organic SEO can be a significant investment that takes months or even years to pay off, but the benefits are immense.  Working on local SEO is becoming more and more important, as search engines like Google refine their technologies to deliver more relevant results to searchers. 

Promote on social media

Be active and consistently post on all major social media platforms. To streamline the posting frequency, you can use a social media scheduling tool that lets you schedule posts to multiple social media at once.

Using it, you can make sure that along with your GMB listing, all your other social profiles also stay active. It lets you cross-promote your content which helps in diverting traffic to your website from multiple sites.

Look at the studies for BEST TIME posting on Social Media Platforms:

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  2. Best Time To Post on Twitter
  3. Best Time To Post on Instagram
  4. Best Time To Post on Linkedin
  5. Best Time To Post on TikTok
  6. Worst Time To Post on Instagram

Gather positive reviews and testimonials

Potential customers are always going to have a look at the reviews people have left on your GMB listing. If your business shows up in a directory and there are no reviews, they are likely to turn to a competitor who has reviews. 

Thus, approach your existing customers politely and ask them to leave feedback on your listing. If someone leaves a negative review, approach them and solve their issues to convert the review into a positive one.

Post regularly on GMB

Posting regularly on GMB can bring you a lot of organic traffic. You can ideally post 2-3 times a week to get better results. If you find it difficult to share posts frequently, you can take the help of a Google my business post scheduler.

A very few tools offer this feature, and RecurPost is one of them, using which you can easily create a month’s content in a single go. It lets you schedule Google my business posts in bulk and also add a call to action while scheduling a post.  You can post numerous types of posts on GMB. See the Google my Business post image size guide here.

Run targeted ads

To reach people in your area, you can run targeted ads on Google as well as social media platforms. These ads will help you appear in front of those people who are actively looking for a business like yours to deal with.

These ads help drive both online and offline traffic. The two major benefits that your business will receive include improved brand awareness and brand recognition, which ultimately leads to generating more leads

Collaborate with local influencers

Find out influencers that belong to your industry and live in your city or somewhere nearby. Collaborate with them to promote your products or services. This will help you raise brand awareness in a very short duration. Along with increasing your followers on social media, it will help you generate a plethora of leads and sales.

Looking To Schedule Your GMB Posts in Advanced Planning ?

As a brand, it is better that you craft your whole month’s content in advance and then schedule them to go on your feed at appropriate timings. Using a social media scheduler tool like RecurPost, you will be able to make sure that you post the right content at the right time.

While using RecurPost, you can download white-label reports that consist of your analytics. White-label reports are one of the best ways to professionally brand your business.With just one click, you can add your company’s logo to your reports and download them. If you are managing the social accounts of multiple clients, you can add their logos to their respective reports.

You can choose how frequently you want your reports according to your or your client’s preference. It can either be daily, weekly, or monthly. All these features make RecurPost one of the best HootSuite alternatives. 

Along with Facebook Post Scheduler  for best time sharing, you can also use RecurPost’s Instagram post scheduler, LinkedIn post scheduler, tweet scheduler, and Google My Business post scheduler. 

RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool that will help you in doing this. It lets you create an advanced editorial calendar, schedule posts in advance, finds the best time to post, gives insights about your audience and top-performing posts,  and a lot more.

To sum up,

Working on your local online marketing can help you gain more customers both online and offline. Simply follow the above-mentioned tips and you will see an increase in your traffic. Schedule your GMB posts using RecurPost’s social media scheduler and obtain leads that turn into conversions for your business. It is one of the best alternatives to HootSuite  and other popular social media scheduling tools.

RecurPost is a great choice without any doubt for all your social media scheduling needs. Sign up for RecurPost’s 14-day free trial and post your content for the best time to gain more engagement on your content.To try out all amazing features (and many others) offered by RecurPost.

It lets you automatic facebook posting, schedule Instagram posts, schedule tweets, schedule LinkedIn posts, and  schedule google my business posts. Click here to learn more.

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