7 Fastest-Growing Apps in 2022

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What are the fastest-growingappsin 2022? What is the most used app in 2022? 

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Technology will play a vital role in how employees evaluate employers and how companies find and retain top talent.According to the Adobe Workfront report, 49 percent of U.S. workers said they would leave a company if they were frustrated by their workplace tech. 

The app industry is one of the fastest-growing industries out there. The projected total revenue for the app industry is predicted to reach$613,433 million by 2025.Currently, the Android and iOS platforms account for more than seven million apps, and the rise in remote work has only increased the popularity of such apps. 

The two most important things for companies to survive in today’s world are seamless employee collaboration and the security of company assets. And the latest business apps help with just that.

Some of the popular, growing apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Zoom, DocuSign, Salesforce, and AWS, have powered the workplace collaboration, communication, and security of the teams.Similarly, appslike Notion, TripActions, Figma, Miro, Postman, etc., have risen exponentially in revenue, unique users, industry, region, and the number of customers in 2022.

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Content collaboration and security suites significantly rose during the pandemic and post-pandemic. Okta’s Business at Work 2022 annual report shows a 28 percent year-over-year growth for content collaboration and 31 percent for security tools.

Content collaboration tools were never a part of the growing apps from 2017 to 2019. Still, post-pandemic five collaboration tools like Notion, Figma, Miro, Airtable, and made it to the top of thefastest-growing apps in the 2022list.

Below is a list of the seven fastest-growing apps in 2022 analyzed based on the data from Okta’s more than 14,000 global customers.

Fastest growing apps by number of customers

What is the fastest-growing app in 2022?


Notion is one of the top note-taking and no-code apps. With a whopping 30 million users in 2022, people use Notion for studying, organizing, website building, and more.Notion is an all-in-all digital workspace connecting teams, tools, and information to execute work and processes faster. The app builds effective collaboration between diverse teams and solves problems unique and common to every team.

Benefits of Notion

  • Teams can work collaboratively and transparently with intuitive and connected navigationA flexible index to navigate information easily
  • A powerful tool where daily work and knowledge are found in a single place. 
  • A variety of company-related content can be created and added, including embeds, images, and lists
  • Customization of workflows as per the team requirements with easy drag and drop dashboard
  • Global ecosystem of resources and support with several community-made templates, events, and integrations.

Trip Actions

TripActions is a top-ranked business app providing travel, corporate card, and expense management solution for businesses. This app is a holistic travel management solution through which customers can book, manage, and track complete travel details and expenses. This single-platform solution uses modern technology to provide high-quality services.

Benefits of TripActions

  • High-performance travel and spend program can be set up seamlessly
  • Businesses can leverage this app to make their employees travel safe and save travel costs for the company
  • Enables users’ self-service booking and itinerary management with smart cards for better expense management
  • AI-driven personalization provides business-friendly air, car, rail, and lodging inventory to suit the requirements of travelers
  • End-to-end visibility of employee spending through comprehensive travel and spend dashboards
  • Round the clock support by travel agents connected globally.

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