7 Habits You Need For Your Business To Succeed

Just starting out or contemplating doing so, please do so for your business to succeed. Though be aware successful entrepreneurship requires a high level of commitment and tenacity, the ability to keep the faith even when the going seems rough, a willingness to embrace constant challenges, and a love of learning. Applying the 7 Habits will make it so rewarding you will wonder what stopped you making the plunge earlier? Bottom line though, it is probably going to be harder than you think.


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The soul of entrepreneurship

Just starting out or contemplating doing so, please do so for your business to succeed. Though be aware successful entrepreneurship requires a high level of commitment and tenacity, the ability to keep the faith even when the going seems rough, a willingness to embrace constant challenges, and a love of learning.

Bottom line, it is probably going to be harder than you think. Applying the 7 Habits will make it so rewarding you will wonder what stopped you making the plunge earlier?

Already started your business, the habits will help you remove the roadblocks you keep hitting stopping you accelerating it.

Ready To Give Up Your Dream?

Some of the obstacles all entrepreneurs have faced are:

● Afraid you will have to choose between compromising your values and selling your soul to make a comfortable living, or serving your community and following your deepest calling.

● You have a belief you will never be very good at business. You think business is for other people who focus only on the money, understand numbers, dedicated workaholics, and are naturally good with sales and marketing.

● Instead of enjoying your work, you are bogged down with the chore of attracting customers, which seems to take up all of your freedom and energy.

● Have you been so focused on your business you are burned out and feeling drained? The family is not supporting you in the way you would like? The revenue you need seems to move ever further away. Life would be easier if you returned to a paid job!

● Feel alone and isolated in your venture? You believe you cannot afford help, or cannot find what you believe you really need, or do not know who to ask for help?

● You see how crowded is your market with others trying to do similar things, and you wonder, do people even care enough about what you have to offer? Do they know you exist?

● Believe you alone know what to do? You are implementing the strategies you were taught to build your business, only they do not seem to be working as they are supposed to.

Not technically confident and social media is a big mystery to you?

These can be summarised as most people, including entrepreneurs believe they must work really hard for what they earn and trading your hours for money is the only way to do it.

You Need These 7 Habits For Your Business To Succeed

Then there is the belief unless you work hard you must somehow be selfish or lazy.

These are myths and unchallenged patterns of limitation you can Breakthrough when you choose.

For you just want to do what you enjoy and are good at, so why does it feel like you have to be a technical expert, copywriter and a public relations genius in order to make your business successful?

Like you, I have experienced all of these hindrances at one time or another in building my own businesses. And, yes sometimes I have doubted my passion, my inspiration and felt so discouraged I considered walking away from my dreams. And, yes I have had out and out failures.

Which is how I arrived at these 7 Habits for your business to succeed. They were not copied from my MBA studies, rather my own experience and those of my clients.

A habit is defined as “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up“.

Habit #1 — Stop Doing

Whether a service or a type of widget you are producing, most entrepreneurs focus on delivering or making it. They fire up the manifestation engine and start trying to figure out how much effort is required and how often in order to generate the necessary income. This many sessions are required, that many contracts, this many patients…

…as much as it is a passion, a joy, a struggle, and a blessing, it is also taking creation and turning it into numbers. The focus is on the doing not on creating.

Habit #2 — Start Creating

Instead of thinking of your business as something to do, think of it as manifesting something into the world. Using your unique abilities, gifts and skills as the means for manifesting, not what is being manifested.

View yourself as creating and running your business as a birthing/child rearing process. There is the excitement of the birth and then the physical demands kick in. They then alter as the child grows.

Habit #3 — Build Your Relationship

Businesses are beings. There are multiple personality types, quirks, gifts and failings as humans, just in different ways. There are those such as franchises which often appear to be soulless. Though businesses, the true being, the soul is in the centre not the individual store. It certainly is not in the promotional materials or products/services.

The sole focus is on following the formula to ensure the maximum is extracted while giving back the least possible. A healthy business is one which fosters a relationship.

Hence, view it as a person. What is the relationship you desire? It could be simply a business arrangement like someone who has many different small business enterprises and has no need to rely on any one to support them. It could be intimate, such as a business which is the means to manifest your passion into the world or provide service.

No matter the form, it should be one which is healthy and respectful of both parties.

Habit #4 — Communicate With Your Business

Clear communication is essential in any sustainable relationship. How can your business know what you expect of it unless it is communicated? Every business may know it is expected to be self-sustaining, though this is unlikely to be the sole reason it was created.

Each entrepreneur has expectations as to the outcomes to achieve, the means to achieve them and the type of life they want to live. They are part of the motivation to create the business in the first place.

How will your business know unless they have been communicated to it?

Hence my suggestion of have a regular business meeting with your business, it is your partner. Outline the short/medium/long term objectives and how you think they might be met. Be silent so your business can add its input. Sit still, be mindful and listen/feel.

Businesses communicate in a variety of ways. They can provide an inspiration to do something which feels inconsequential though has practical and/or symbolic meaning. They can give awareness through feelings such as a confirmation of stress or anxiety, a feeling of welcome, or even a new feeling of comradeship and community. Once a business knows what is wanted, it will usually focus on delivering it so creating noticeable change.

Habit #5 — Create Your Community

When in a sustaining relationship each person is honoured. Meaning providing great value for your clients — far in excess of what you charge for your product or service.

Everyone who interacts with it, has good manners, creates repeat business, and leaves the person feeling a small bit of ownership. Good businesses create community. They draw people in, create bonds, and foster healthy living through a myriad of products and services.

Habit #6 — Your Business Is A Growing Being

Bringing a business into life is a manifestation process where we apply our own energy, our life force in order to bring something new into the world. At the beginning it requires all of your attention and energy. It is a huge commitment because without you it would not survive. We have also no idea what it will actually grow into.

Whilst we can make assumptions, almost always we will be surprised at the way it evolves. It is not an algorithm or a number. The business evolves as does a child and ideally not one afraid of being told off!

The growth cycle of a business is around 3 to 5 years from infancy to the teens. A business which survives this long usually creates a client base which is self-sustaining, knows how to communicate in the world in order to draw new people as others leave, and seeks to move forward through evolving new offerings.

Often in seemingly random or chaotic ways just as a teenager has mood swings, wild notions, and surges of energy followed by huge bouts of sleep.

Habit #7 — Stop Stating You Must Work Hard

Many entrepreneurs believe only they can make their business grow. They are stuck in the belief they are the engine for the business and it will only succeed when they are actively inputting work and energy.

In addition to treating the business this way, this is how they speak about and to the business. This is therefore how the business behaves. Both are stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle. When the entrepreneur stops working hard the business simply slows, coasting to a stop or slowing dramatically. Which in turn causes panic and you to step back onto the hamster wheel.

Hence your business never truly grows up. It never reaches adulthood, it never takes off and flies. Rather your business seems to never really go anywhere at all.

You can learn more about being mindful in my story “To Lead A SUSTAINABLE Life Is To Be Connected”

Creating Your Sustainable Business

What is the additional best way to guarantee your business will thrive?

It is not about salesmanship, angel investors, or having a secret source.

What really matters is that you genuinely help your clients to improve their lives.

You do well by helping your clients do well. That is how you have an impact on the world as a whole.

Which means if you truly want to succeed, you take responsibility for everything your business does. You hold yourself accountable, and you strive to do the right thing for everyone. You help more than you hinder. You give more value than you take.

Then no matter what events occur you will still have loyal clients who appreciate you and want to buy from you.

That is the power of living the 7 Habits, they will create a truly sustainable approach to business.

Above all, be yourself and share your ideas, your people, your community is waiting.

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To Your Business Success

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