7 Principles to Fantastic Career, Amazing Life

To be skillful, we have to ‘consistently’ equip & work.


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We all by instinct are designed to seek happiness, peace and fulfilment. To be happy in our personal lives, we have to be happy in our professional life. We spend most of our time with our profession and in return, it gives us the means to meet our ends.

We create our identity in this world through the profession we choose. Consequently, you better the performance and it betters our career. Ultimately, it causes happiness. And, who doesn't want to live a happier life!

It is a festive season and smiles galore everywhere. Let's make use of this positive environment to gain more prosperity. Let's list down a 'dozen dreams' which we want to live by next year.  These are those dreams which after becoming a reality, will positively change our personal and professional life forever.

Yes, this is our ‘Magic Wish List’ and is it not a wonderful feeling being the Santa for our family/employees.

To be prosperous, we have to excel in our profession.

To excel in our profession, we have to be competent.

To be competent, we have to be skilful.

To be skilful, we have to ‘consistently’ equip & work.

Hence, work and work alone is the secret to be prosperous in our life.

To help use cruise ahead, here are 7 Principles for a fantastic ‘Career & Life’

1) Have a Vision & a Mission. Have Goals.

2) Equip self to be a skilful professional.

3) Speak effectively & work efficiently.

4) Work consistently with passion.

5) Accept People as they are but associate with the right people.

6) Be patient & persistent until you achieve your goals.

7) Expand your Comfort Zone. Aspire for Peak Performance.

Use these principles as guidelines, and let's engineer ‘a glorious career full of life’ & ‘a life full of career glories’.

This article was originally published at Entrepreneur and was written by Keshav Sridhar.

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