7 Steps to Building Successful Websites

7 Steps that can help you to build an amazing and SEO optimized website.


Riya Chauhan

3 years ago | 2 min read

There are simple 7 steps in the web design strategic method that quickly identifies all the important elements of website layout for your website. Here is a short overview of those 7 steps:

Vision of Website

Before defining a web approach or need you must first have a clear vision and prescient of the site’s purpose which is often consistent with the overall organization vision and prescient and branding elements.

Goals of Website

What is the purpose of the web site? What are the desires of the site? Your website has to serve a definite purpose. Website designers assist you to attain these goals, and will often find ways to simplify your present processes with the use of recent developments. Understanding the intent of the website will help outline the overall strategy.

Target Market

A Target Market is sometimes known as the target audience. It is critical to apprehend your market. To whom are you communicating your message? How vintage are they? What is their gender? What do they do work for? What is their education? What do they like? How do they communicate?


Your brand, in a simple format, ties in all the elements of communication into one clear message. Your brand, as simple as it may appear, should have a purpose for every aspect. Font types, keywords, colors, design, and placement. Your brand is what differentiates your company from your competitors.


Your message is your emblem and the voice to your target audience. A clear message will inform your audience of what you need them to hear. Without clarity in the message, your website can quickly lose its voice!

Design to Goals

Designing to dreams is a fusion of several competencies and art forms. It combines web design, graphic design, SEO (search engine optimization), competitive analysis, future website development trends, message, branding, and purposeful route to gain web site requirements.

Evaluate & Execute

The last step in the web design strategy process is to evaluate the strategy from beginning to end. Once the designers have thoroughly vetted the web design strategy, they move it to web development to turn your website into a reality.

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