7 Tech Tools For Tutors to Use in 2022

The pandemic has set us on the back foot, especially in education; But online education has revolutionized how we look at learning. Here we have listed 7 Tools for Tutors to help them with modern teaching methods.


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The Pandemic was catalyst for the sector of education. Before the pandemic struck us the online learning was limited to online learning programs and correspondence classes. In the last few years, the world of education has seen a dramatic shift.

The application of Technology in Education has increased across all spheres in Education and Training which is not just limited to schools. Educational tools and apps are used in everyday tasks such as grading, assessments and lesson delivery, administrative functions , and to improve student involvement.

In order to assist teachers in using technology, a variety of apps or tools have been released in recent years. These apps come from major technology companies such as Google and Microsoft as well as new companies in education technology.

In order to assist educators in choosing the most appropriate and well-known apps based on use, we've put together a an inventory of apps which will be beneficial to Teachers.

Here are a few of the top technology tools that every teacher should use:

1. Google Classroom

Google is a global EdTech pioneer. When it launched Google Classroom during 2014 Google offered a single-stop solution to every classroom need. Teachers can utilize Google for Classroom tools for controlling, measuring, and enhancing the student learning experience both online and offline.

Students and teachers can easily collaborate via Google Classroom. Learning at any time is possible thanks to the numerous features offered via Google Classroom. Here are a few of the top features provided via Google Classroom:

  • Accessibility to any type of device i.e. computer/ tablet/ smartphones.
  • It is simple to communicate information and resources to students.
  • Digitally manage, distribute, and organize assignment materials and other course materials
  • It is easy to easily differentiate instruction, resources, and tasks for students.
  • Provide students with timely feedback on their work.
  • Analyzing information from tests to ensure that students understand the objectives of learning.

2. Flip

Insecure and introverted students tend to be hesitant about participating in class discussions. But what happens when these students get a platform that has no pressure to participate in live classroom discussions , and can respond in a spontaneous manner?

Flip (formerly called Flipgrid) is an interaction tool for video provided by Microsoft that assists students and teachers take part in video-based discussions. For example teachers can create an interactive video with text. Students can reply to videos with texts and videos, as well as emojis, as well as stickers. This tool can aid in making the class more engaging and inspire introverts to join in discussions.

3. TutorShell

TutorShell is a cloud-based tutor management software designed especially to manage students & tutors at a centralized platform. It allows Tutors to manage multiple classes, schedule classes, share study materials, conduct exams, track students performance, and much more.

TutorShell has multiple features including class management, student management, class scheduling, and online exam management system. It offers 3 months free trial and powerful dashboard to manage all things at one place.

4. Book Creator

Students are more likely to learn when they are using interactive methods in their learning process. Innovation and creativity can boost the learning process overall. This is exactly what Google Book Creator can do. Google Book Creator tool has to offer to teachers.

Students are able to write books about any subject of their choice. Teachers may assign different subjects from the class to each student and have them record the details in an ebook. Furthermore students could also publish the book to an audience of many or online readers. This is an essential tool for teachers searching for ways to engage students in learning.

5. Google Site

Websites can be a fantastic method to organize information related to a specific topic. For example a dietitian looking to share his wealth of nutrition-related knowledge can make a website and publish blogs on the platform.,

Have you ever considered that teachers and students could create free websites and provide information on a subject that interests them or their next lesson? Google Sites is the platform which provides this interactive learning opportunity for learners as well as teachers.

Teachers can design Google Sites for a lesson or students can create their own Google Site for enhancing their learning or demonstrating their knowledge of a subject. Additionally educational institutions and schools can make use of their free Google Sites to spread awareness more effectively, increase collaboration, and improve learning.

6. Nearpod

In the midst of chaotic classes, Nearpod offers comprehensive and well-organized tools to improve and manage the learning experience using innovative tools and techniques. Nearpod is an essential tech device for instructors. From creating interactive presentation assessment, gamification, and assessments by using quizzes to real-time education information, Nearpod has everything. Teachers can integrate Nearpod into the existing lessons or develop new lessons entirely from scratch. Nearpod provides features such as creating 3D designs, models, and Field Virtual Reality. These capabilities can be integrated into lessons and utilized to enhance teaching.

7. Google Forms

Google Forms is among the most efficient and popular features offered by Google. What can teachers do to utilize this highly efficient tool? Google Forms can be utilized to create quizzes surveys, and questionnaires.

Teachers can use the Google Forms, which is free Google tools in a variety of ways. Teachers can make use of Google Forms to create feedback forms and assessment forms. It also offers a variety of possibilities to collaborate with students and teachers. Here are a few ways that Google Forms could be used by teachers.

  • Check-ins every day with students.
  • Create self-grading quizzes
  • Use rubrics to improve grading and assessment.
  • Exercises for brainstorming and reflection


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