How do I get 72 hours on Emirates?


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Suppose you have a travel plan with Emirates and you want to book a ticket in the online format, then you must visit the Emirates website, and after that, you can quite smoothly get the option to book the ticket. But, in case you are not sure about your travel plan for the desired date and time, then in such a position, you have the option to hold up your ticket, which could be around 24 to 72 hours. However, if you need to know the exact online process to hold an Emirate ticket, then you must follow the below-referred steps, and you will quickly learn the points for your help.

  • Firstly you have to open your device's local web browser.
  • After that, visit Emirate's official website.
  • Now, on the booking form you have to mention complete details of the passenger travel plan like;
  • Initially, enter departure and origin, then travel dates and other necessary information.
  • Next, select the number of passengers and click on the search button.
  • Choose a flight with the perfect comparison of ticket fare.
  • Then, on the booking form only, you have the option to hold your ticket, for example, for 48 or 72 hours.
  • Tap on the 72-hours option, and your ticket will get hold for 72 hours, and you will receive a confirmation email directly from Emirates.
  • Note within 72 hours, and you can reschedule your travel plan and complete ticket payment, if any.
  • Lastly, you get a confirmation message from Emirates for your booking summary.

How can I talk to Emirates customer service?

  • Since you have learned the most straightforward steps to hold fares on Emirates hassle-free, and now you want to talk with Emirates customer service live person to discuss ticket hold issues, you must read the following ways for your guidance.
  • Via Emirates phone number: The fastest and finest method to reach you at any time to discuss issues would be calling Emirate's official contact number, which you have on the official contact us page. You need to dial the helpline number and follow the appropriate IVR instructions, and you will be in contact with a live person.
  • By live chat window: The second best alternative for Emirates travelers is a chat box from which you can quickly contact a virtual expert. To use this service, learn the steps below and get immediate chat assistance.
  • Go on to the Emirates website and select the contact us option.
  • Herein you have to select the chat icon and sign up with your account.
  • Now, on the chat box, type your message, and you will get an instant response from the concerned expert in fewer minutes.
  • Request on ticket hold via social networks: In case you want to reach out for help through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, then log in to the account with some correct account details, and then within its send message field, you can write your issue and get assistance.

Can you make calls on Emirates?

Yes, every passenger is allowed to make the call to an Emirates representative, and for that case, you must use the official contact number you have in over contact us section, which you can use to directly make the call with the representative and get instant assistance.

For more information and query related to emirates airlines you can contact us on our helpline number or our phone number : +1-802-705-4010


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