8 Great Women-Only NFT Avatar Collections

Some of the best collections bringing diversity to the male-dominated NFT space


Christian Jensen

2 years ago | 5 min read

You don't need to spend much time in the NFT space to realize how male-dominated it is. Because it's a new and nerdy technology with strong ties to the cryptocurrency field, it seems to be attracting a lot more men than women.

We see this reflected in the artwork as well. Particularly in the NFT avatar space, you easily get the impression that it's a lot of male creators creating male avatars for other males. I'm by no means here to say that anyone is doing anything wrong, especially being a male collector of these NFTs myself.

What I am here to say though, is that love seeing more women in the space and artwork representing women. Each and every one of them helps to improve the NFT space in multiple ways.

Some NFT collections have a great mix of male and female avatars, like 0N1 Force and Skvllpvnkz. Other collections focus solely on women. Many of these have amazing creators behind them and some of the best art in the space, and actively work to help and empower women or support organizations that do. These are the collections I want to highlight in this article.

As always, none of this is financial advice but rather just an overview of some great NFT collections for women looking for a fitting avatar or anyone who wants to increase the female representation in their NFT wallets.

I'm sure I'm missing some that would deserve a spot on the list so please let me and everyone else know about them in the comments!

World of Women

World of Women isn't just one of the most popular female-focused NFT collections, but one of the most popular NFT collections. Period. The beautiful artwork is created by the artist Yam and is easily recognizable because of her signature hand-drawn, colorful style.

Examples from the World of Women collection

World of Women has a lot of high-profile backers including Gary Vaynerchuk and Reese Witherspoon. It's also the collection on this list with the biggest price tag by far. The cheapest Woman listed for sale on OpenSea as of this writing will set you back 1.9 ETH ($7,800). For this price you'll get an iconic piece of art though, and many people will still tell you it's a steal at this price.

Sad Girls Bar

Sad Girls Bar really stands out among the other collections on this list with its purely monochrome, black-and-white artwork. I'm personally a sucker for their style and the proud owner of Sad Girl #1029 and #7116. You can pick up your own for as little as 0.045 ETH ($190).

Examples from the Sad Girls Bar collection

Owners have just gotten a free companion Skeletongue for each of their Sad Girls (mint ended on November 12, 2021). You can see both of my couples below. The team has already teased an upcoming launch of Sad Cats as well!

The two Sad Girls and companion Skeletongues from my own collection


The Crypto.Chick collection of 200 unique 1/1 pieces was the first female NFT collection when it launched in May 2021. Because of their limited supply and historical significance, the cheapest Crypto.Chick right now costs 0.5 ETH.

Examples from the Crypto.Chicks collection

However, the creators have since launched a follow-up collection of 10,000 Crypto.Chicks. You can clearly see the relation to the originals, particularly in the Crypto Chicks' faces, but the artwork is much more vibrant with powerful colors and gradients. If you're in the market for a beautiful female avatar, these might be a great deal at just 0.08 ETH ($330) for the cheapest ones.


Fatales got a lot of attention when they first launched back on August 31, partly because of the involvement of Artchick, one of the most prominent influencers in the NFT space. The project hasn't gotten as much attention recently and the price has been on a steady decline as well.

Examples from the Fatales collection

I haven't been involved in the project in any way and won't speak to its potential, but I personally see the current price of 0.015 ETH ($65) as a great deal for the artwork alone.


The faceless ENCRYPTAS avatars are not only meant to draw attention to women as an emerging power in tech and science but also to the importance of privacy and the use of our data online. CypherCHK, the artist behind it all, is in fact anonymous herself.

Examples from the ENCRYPTAS collection

Furthermore, the ENCRYPTAS are designed to show confidence and power by taking up a lot of space in the frame and their clothing is inspired by the fashions of millennials and Gen Z. I love CypherCHK's work for everything it stands for and I encourage you to listen to some of the interviews she's done to learn more about ENCRYPTAS as well as her 101 Babes collection.

Fame Lady Squad

Fame Lady Squad has one of the most interesting and inspiring stories in the generative NFT world. They launched in early July and quickly gained a lot of positive momentum for being the first all-female-led NFT project. There was just one small problem: The female founders were actually a group of men…

Examples from the Fame Lady Squad collection

After a massive uproar, the founders agreed to turn over the whole project to three key members of the community. It re-launched on August 24 as one of the few fully community-led NFT projects. If you like the art and want to be part of this historic project, you can buy a Fame Lady for around 0.09 ETH ($370) as of this writing.

Women and Weapons

Women and Weapons launched on October 23, 2021, making it the newest collection on this list. It consists of 10,000 "diverse, beautiful, and badass women NFTs", hand-drawn by artist Sara Baumann, aka Sparky.

Examples from the Women and Weapons collection

You can still pick up a WAW on OpenSea for 0.1 ETH and 5% of all proceeds go to The Malala Fund Charity.

Cool Lady Club

Cool Lady Club hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as the others on this list since its launch on August 26. In fact, the majority of the collection, consisting of 1,999 Cool Ladies, hasn't been sold yet. However, because they launched directly on OpenSea, you can already find the full collection there and buy new pieces from the creator for 0.02 ETH ($90).

Examples from the Cool Lady Club collection

The artwork is similar to that of Word of Women and Crypto.Chicks with its colorful style and prominent gradients. If you like the art and want to support an under-the-radar project with a low entry price, Cool Lady Club is worth checking out.

Closing thoughts

We can never have too many women in the NFT space, or any other space for that matter. A great way to support the movement toward greater diversity and female representation is by buying and sharing projects like the ones covered in this article. That's at least what I'm hoping to do.

And as mentioned in the beginning, if you feel like I've missed some obvious collections that should've been on this list, please let me know so I can check them out and add them to a follow-up article!

Originally published at on November 7, 2021.


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