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8 Mindsets You Can Steal From Successful People

Success is a mind game. Learn how successful people think. Steal and win!


Yousuf Rafi

4 months ago | 3 min read


Success is a mind game. Learn how successful people think. Steal and win!

Imagine you are all set to give the most important presentation to a billion-dollar client.

Here’s the typical internal dialogue that might be going through your mind.

“I am hell-scared.”

“Do I have all the facts?”

“I don’t think I will succeed.”

“There is no way I will be able to impress the client.”

But if you read stories of successful people you might know that they will think something different. Something like:

“I am the best presenter.”

“This will be the greatest presentation of the season.”

“I will successfully close the deal.”

The only difference between a successful person and a complete failure is their mindset.

Change the mindset and success will come running towards you.

I know this might sound like another self-help speech, but trust me I’ve personally applied the mindsets discussed in this blog and they work all the time.

If you’re a shy person like me, these mindsets will help you get ahead in your life.

1. Trust yourself

There are 7.9 Billion souls roaming around on planet earth. Out of these souls, one beautiful soul is reading my blog.

Do you have any idea how much potential you have as a person? I don’t think so. Whatever answer you give, I am here to tell you that trusting yourself is the most amazing thing that you can think of.

Success is an inside job. Regardless of what people think about you, if you don’t think like a champion from the inside, nothing good will happen in your life.

Muhammad Ali used to recite, “I am the greatest.” mantra several thousand times before playing a match. He trusted himself which made him the most challenging boxer to beat.

Successful people carry a similar mindset. They trust in themselves the most. When a negative thought crosses their mind, they shake it off.

2. Set a goal

There is a difference between knowing what you want and deciding to do something about it. When you know what you want, it gives you a sense of purpose. In order to grow and evolve, you need to be challenged. Don’t give up until you’ve achieved all of your objectives.

Make weekly goals and analyze those goals at the end of every week. Note your progress and adjust what needs work.

3. Be patient

The most successful people do everything they can to move forward, but they also have the forbearance to wait and watch. Quick-thinkers often miss out on tremendous possibilities because they are too impatient. The right thing will come along in its own time.

Good things take time. So, successful people try to enjoy the process. Every second counts. Be patient. Take it one step at a time. Success will come to you if you’re moving forward one step each day.

4. Stay courageous

It takes bravery to accomplish something great, yet fear always shows up. Courage is not about being fearless; it’s about acknowledging your worries and declaring, “I’m terrified, but I’m going to do it anyway.” Courage can be built up like a muscle with regular exercise.

5. Don’t lose focus

For many people, procrastination can be one of the most devastating setbacks. Despite its importance, staying focused and disciplined is a challenge. The most effective strategy is to focus on the present moment and everything that is happening right now.

Distraction and procrastination eat up your time and prevent you from getting things done. Discipline is the link that connects aspirations to reality, and a laser-like focus is a glue that holds it all together.

6. Stay positive

Positivity can have a significant impact on your day-to-day experiences. It may go a long way if you focus your thoughts on the positive.

Don’t be a downer; be upbeat. As an alternative to offering yourself excuses as to why you cannot or should not pursue a goal, give yourself permission to go for it. Happiness does not depend on external conditions; rather, it is a state of being.

7. Never stop learning

Even if you’re having a hard time, don’t assume that you’re not learning. In order to improve, you need to learn from both your successes and your failures. Those who refuse to learn are on their own; those who are determined to learn are unstoppable.

Every great achievement needs some form of effort, and wonderful things do come to those that work hard and battle to follow the goals and aspirations that they believe in. To fundamentally alter your life, you must first alter your own.

Begin cultivating a new way of thinking right now; think about things that will assist you in progress toward your goals.

8. Always be grateful

I’ve saved the best for the last. Being grateful is a blessing. It keeps your mind positive and you’ll fill with unimaginable energy to achieve the impossible.

Read biographies of successful people and you’ll realize that all of them are grateful for what they’ve achieved.

Take out time each day to write in a gratitude journal about things that you’re blessed with.

The more grateful you become, the higher you’ll get on the ladder of success.


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