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If you have a
Swedish or Portuguese driving licence, it's time to get your hands on an EU
licence. But don't worry! It's not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

In fact, we've
broken down the process into 8 easy steps that can be completed within three months
(if you're busy).

Step 1: Check your

Before you embark
on your mission to get a Swedish or Portuguese driving licence, make sure you
check if your country allows it. If so, then the requirements will vary
depending on whether you’re going through the process in Sweden or Portugal.

In Sweden, for
example, there are three types of licences: provisional, full and permanent.
The first one is valid for three years and applies only to those who have never
held a licence before; the latter two can be applied for by foreigners with no
previous experience holding a driver's licence abroad.

Step 2: Apply for documents

In this step,
you'll need to make sure that you have all of the documents that are required
for your application. To start off with, you will need:

A passport and a valid visa for
Portugal if not European Union citizen

A certificate of good conduct
issued by your country (for example Finland) within the last 3 months

Two photos not older than 6

Step 3: Check documents and licence validity

Once you have a
copy of your documents, it’s time to check them over. Make sure they are valid
and up-to-date. The most important piece of information is that your driving
licence has no restrictions on it, meaning it has not expired and was issued in
the last 10 years.

The photo must be
recent enough that you can be identified by it (this may vary depending on
country). If there are any issues with your documents, contact us immediately
so we can help resolve them for you!

Step 4: Apply for driving

You have to
contact the driving school and ask for a list of approved instructors. The
driving schools can be found on the website of the Swedish National Road
Administration (

After you have
received this list, you can choose an instructor who lives near your home or
workplace and then register with them via email or phone call. You will also
receive information about the lessons including prices and schedules. The next
step is to apply for your first lesson: When you want to begin driving lessons?
Where do they take place? How many hours are booked per session?

At this stage, we
are discussing details such as how many hours per week you want to practise my
driving skills; what time suits me best (morning/afternoon/evening)? Is there
anything special about my learning methods (spoken English)?

Step 5: Get an appointment

Once you have
arrived at the Swedish/Portuguese embassy, it is time to get an appointment.
You can do this by calling ahead, or simply walking into the embassy and asking
for an appointment.

Either way, you
will need to bring your passport with you so they can verify that you are who
they think you are (this is true for any government office in any country). The
medical certificate must also be presented during your medical exam.

Step 6: Practise driving

Now that you have
your Swedish/Portuguese driving licence, it's time to start practising your
driving skills!

You can do this in
an open space, or on a simulator. Practising driving skills before getting
behind the wheel will help you become more comfortable behind the wheel and
make sure that you are ready for the road.

With these steps,
buying a Swedish/
carta de
condução portuguesa
is simple and straightforward!

Step 7: Confirm the
appointment details

Once you've chosen
your location, you're ready to book an appointment.

On the next
screen, check the date, time and location of your appointment. You can also see
which documents are required for your specific type of licence application.
It's important that these details are correct—if not, it will take longer for
your application to be processed!

You'll also be
able to see how much payment is required at this stage: many countries require
a small fee in addition to any passport photos or other documentation needed
(see below).

Step 8: Test drive, interview
and registration

You’ve worked
hard, you deserve this. And now it’s time to show your skills and knowledge by
taking your driving test.

The examiner will
examine the way in which you drive, check for your understanding of road signs,
check that you know how to use mirrors and indicate properly, as well as making
sure that all aspects of the vehicle are working properly.

The examiner will
also ask questions about the rules of the road and how they apply in different
situations on public roads.


There you have
it—a step-by-step guide on how to
svenska körkort
. As you can see, the process is not as complicated as you
might think. If you follow our advice and take your time, there’s no reason why
you shouldn’t be able to get your hands on one of these licences before long.

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We hope this guide
has helped you understand the process of buying a Swedish/Portuguese driving

It’s not as
complicated as it may seem, but it does require some preparation and planning.
If you have any questions or concerns about your application, please contact us
in the comments below!


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