9 Interesting Reasons You’ve Never Heard That Make Flutter A Great Framework 🏆

Among the cross-platform frameworks used by global mobile developers, Flutter is the preferred framework by a third of them.


Kane Jason

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Organizations are developing cross-platform apps using frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, and AngularJS in recent years. Despite this, cross-platform development remains a challenge. Many times, despite best efforts, the user experience simply falls short of that of native apps.

In recent years, a new player entered the game — Google Flutter. The interest in Flutter from developers, clients, and organizations has grown steadily over the past few times. 🚀

Out of one-third of mobile developers use cross-platform frameworks for mobile app development, Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by global developers.

9 Reasons Why Flutter is the Next Big Thing for Hybrid Apps?

  1. Dedication for mobile
  2. Delivering UI consistency over all platforms
  3. Hot Reload to reduce code development time
  4. Improved time-to-market speed
  5. Cognate with native
  6. Customizing any complexity
  7. Writes custom platform-specific code
  8. Own a high-performance rendering engine
  9. Compliant for Fuchsia

Learn each reason in brief: 🚀


Flutter offers a fast development process, a wide range of customizable widgets, and a high level of performance. With the ability to create beautiful and responsive user interfaces, and the ability to access native features and services, Flutter is an ideal choice for hybrid app development. Additionally, with its growing popularity and support from Google, developers can expect to see a steady stream of updates and improvements to the framework in the future. Overall, Flutter is a powerful and versatile tool that is well-suited for creating cutting-edge hybrid apps.


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