Achieve Self-Publishing Success - It's LIT #4

Self-published books can succeed if you market them well. Read to discover how.


Binati Sheth

6 days ago | 4 min read

Self-publish your book if that’s what aligns with your priorities. You can achieve conventional success using this widely available, technically free option. This article will mostly focus on the sales equation for self-publishing books because that’s where most self-published authors fail.

Without any further generalisations, let’s go into the specifics:

Make it Easy for people to Buy your Book

If they can’t find it, they won’t buy it - it is as simple as that.

Make your books discoverable. Have a single page website or a linktree page that leads people directly to your book’s page. You have one, maybe two clicks - use them wisely.

Don't make your readers search for your book and all the formats it is available in.

I personally don't have books to my name yet; I still have a 'books' page on my website. Have something like that up on your website/profile.

If they don’t trust it, they won’t pay - it is about security.

Providing shipping address and credit/debit card information to someone they don’t know will deter prospective readers. Instead of self-hosting your book, use trusted platforms like AmazonFlipkartKoboGumroad, or Barnes & Noble. Place these links on your social media, bios, author websites and ads. You can also use PayPal or UPI but know that people will be skeptical. Provide a direct link to buy your book.

Start (or Use) your Mailing List

Mailing lists are trust based partnerships where people share their email id with you in exchange for value. If you deliver on your promises, the trust they have in you increases. Either start a mailing list or leverage the one you already have to market your book way before it is ready for publication.

Tell everyone to, "Check out my website for updates about my book!", before your book is ready. Send people real-time updates, your BTS (behind-the-scenes) processes and such, to keep them interested.

On your website, mention how you're working on a new book and provide your newsletter subscription link for updates.

Don’t spam people - you might lose your subscribers. Provide value and occasionally, drop in a line mentioning your book.

You can also leverage paid adverts to market your newsletter which will then be used to market your book direct-to-consumer.


Traditional publishers market their book titles heavily. Most self-published authors don’t. You need to get over this illusion of people magically discovering your book. Largely speaking, organic reach is dead everywhere. Unless you try something insanely creative (such that it goes viral), adverts will be the thing that’ll help people discover your book/s.

A/B test your advertising copy till you find the ones which have an ROI (return-on-investment) above 100%. Then start throwing your marketing budget at it.

Amazon ads are good but what truly sells books on Amazon is their ‘Also Broughts’. We will discuss this in the Amazon specific article.

Meta (previously Facebook) is currently the underrated champion.

Some Meta advertising tips:


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