How do I achieve a work-life balance while working in a corporate company which takes around 12 hours a day?

Fighting with the need to maintain worklife balance.


Hrishikesh Kamat

3 years ago | 2 min read

Corporate, start up, or your own small or big business - in today’s world I think everyone is interested to know how they can achieve work life balance. Especially when we are so much connected via our phones and laptops.

Many people tell me that when they their work has crawled into their personal lives. They would be answering to emails when they’ve come home, they’ll take conference/meeting calls when they’re on their vacation or would be talking to their boss or customer when they are out for a nice dinner with family.

In my own career I try to have a good work life balance. I love working whoever possible, but when I am intending to have spend time with friends or family, I try to make sure that I give them attention, unless there is something really critical happening at work.

I try to have a strict work - personal time table. When at work, I try my best to not get involved in personal activities, like replying to WhatsApp messages, browsing facebook, checking instagram. I do end up spending 1 hour despite trying hard not to, but I have reduced that time over the months. Sometimes, I do not check my social media or messages unless I have no other work to do [rarely happens]. I find that very helpful as I can have best productivity at work, and usually will end up completing all my work in office,

Sometimes there are scenarios were you have to prioritise between a personal engagement and office work - say a friends wedding. In that case I take time off work make sure I compensate with 20% more the same day or over the weekend. That helps me stay accountable to my work schedule.

I try my best to understand that my work does not define my life. It is a critical part of my life, but sometimes I have to make sure that I have enough rest for me to be at my best.

Sometimes if I have lot of work to finish, I try to take help of my colleagues and I do the same for them. That helps me find some personal time even in-between heavy work.

Hobbies are an important part of my life. I make sure that I spend atlesat 2 weekends a month on my hobbies, as they help me rejuvenate and refresh over the weekend all geared up to take new challenges in the coming days. I always advice everyone to have some serious hobbies that one is passionate about and spend at least 7–8 hours a week engrossed in them.

Apart from this, I believe just as much as our professional lives have entered our personal time, our personal time has invaded our professional life too. How many times in a day do you spend time replying to personal WhatsApp messages, checking facebook and instagram stories, scroll through memes, and laugh at every joke that is sent you. How many times are you thinking about your personal life when you are staring at your computer at work. If we are able to reduce this time, life will be simpler. One important thing that I am trying to incorporate in my life is to make a clear boundary between my personal and professional life. It is a thin line, but I try as much as possible to make sure I do not mix the two.


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