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Best Acne Scar Removal Treatment in Hyderabad by using latest laser technology. Get rid of acne scar which of various types rolling, box & ice-pick scars


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Treatment for acne scars: Who wouldn't want a glowing, attractive face that exudes self-assurance and admiration? However, if you have skin with scars, blemishes, or pimples, one look in the mirror could ruin it. Teenagers and young adults frequently worry about pimples and the scars they leave behind because most of them play with them in front of the mirror, thus it's important to understand the facts about pimples.

Numerous factors can lead to acne. Simply said, abundant natural oil (sebum) that is deposited and stuck in the skin pores is what causes acne. This results in skin irritation that either leaves a pit or a blemish after healing. It would be a hub for the same even more if you have oily skin. Stress and hormonal imbalance are the two main factors that can cause acne and scarring.

There are various forms of acne scars, including rolling scars (with gently sloping edges)

1. box wounds (with sharp edges)

2. ice pick wounds (deep pits which appear like large open pores).

Acne can be stubborn and often leaves scars behind to remind of the gruesome days of multiple breakouts on your skin. They ruin the look of your skin even after they have healed. The damage caused by acne in the form of scars is permanent and necessitates the use of advanced dermatology treatments to remove them.

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