Irfan Morbiwala



Hi, thank you for visiting my profile. In my 14 years as an Entrepreneur, I have always been driven by the idea of creating media and campaigns that can help brands connect with people on a very human level. Here is how I have put this to good use: I started my career in sales for global conference producer and sports hospitality provider - Marcus Evans. After amassing a range of experience and gaining knowledge of diverse industries at ME, I co-founded Pegasus Events, a premium event management company that has worked with some of the biggest brands in India, delivering more than 1500 events and integrated campaigns over the past 12 years. I then went on to co-establish The Wedding Co., a subsidiary under Pegasus that specializes in weddings and related occasions. Under my leadership as Head - Marketing and Business Development, the company received recognition as the preferred event partner for HNI and Destination Weddings. TWC’s illustrious client base is testimony to this. I