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Adopt the Right Gestures With the Nespresso Pods

In addition to ground coffee and coffee beans, there is another type of coffee: "capsules or pods".



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All our practical advice for a successful coffee routine that is more economical and more ecological. Choose the right grind for your coffee. Choose the roast color of your coffee.

What Coffee Grind for Reusable Nespresso Capsules?

Coffee grinding is the final processing step before coffee brewing. The aroma passes through the water during infusion, so if you choose a grind that is too coarse, for example, it will not give the aromas of your coffee time to pass through the water and it will not have all its taste. As you will have understood, the choice of grind remains an essential element for a successful Nespresso coffee. 

To obtain a good coffee with the Nespresso refillable stainless steel capsule, choose a grind that is neither too "fine" nor too "coarse". A so-called "medium" grind remains the ideal and there you will enjoy a good coffee. If you choose to buy your ground coffee from your artisan roaster, start by providing them with this information. 

What Is Coffee Roasting?

Roasting coffee consists of cooking the beans so that they release all their flavors. During the roasting process, the coffee gradually browns. The experience of the roaster, the cooking time, and the nature of the bean (robusta, arabica) will give the final result, a variety of aromas and shades of colors that range from beige to black, passing through Brown. 

Be Interested in the Good Roasting of Your Coffee?

The choice of a coffee is not made lightly. Full-bodied in the morning, light in the afternoon, or vice versa. Finally, when it comes to whole coffee beans, the roast color is one of the main criteria to take into account for a successful drink. Depending on taste preferences and expectations, the roast color of the coffee is fundamental. 

According to the roasting time:

A light grain will have balanced and fragrant notes with a more or less pronounced acidity note. A medium grain will develop softer and sweeter aromas with a more persistent flavor in the mouth. A dark grain will have more character and strength, the acidity will give way to a touch of bitterness often accompanied by a toasted or smoked note as an aftertaste.

Coffee Beans Are the Even More Economical and Ecological Option

It's not a secret, the coffee capsule has exploded the price of coffee, 1 year of Nespresso capsules at the rate of 3 coffees a day costs 7 times more than a year of coffee beans. This amounts to saying that a canned product costs more than a fresh product!


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