Advanced Ceramics Market 2022 Global Industry Analysis by Trends, Size, Share, Company Overview, Growth and Forecast by 2030

The Global Advanced Ceramics market crossed US$ 91.5 billion mark in 2022 and is expected to hit US$ 150.0 billion by 2030, recording a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period.


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Increasing advanced ceramics demand in the manufacturing of the ceramic substrates, circuit barriers, and core component materials is expected to drive the market growth. Increasing power electronic circuit manufacturers’ demand for the ceramic material-based vacuum switching tubes, diodes, and thyristors is likely to increase the materials’ demand globally. Furthermore, continual utilization of the ceramic-based electronic sensors for producing downstream electronic component assemblies is anticipated to accelerate the global advanced ceramics market growth.

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The Advanced Ceramics market following are the manufacturers cover –

  • Kyocera Corporation
  • Coorstek Inc.
  • Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics LLC.
  • Ceradyne, Inc.
  • Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing

The report includes an executive summary, regional economic outlook, and summary sections which provide a consistent analysis of the Advanced Ceramics Market 2022 - 2030. in addition, the report within the market overview section outlines PLC analysis and PESTLE analysis to provide a thorough analysis of the market. The overview section details Porter's 5 forces analysis that helps to reveal a possible situation of the market by revealing a competitive situation with respect to the Advanced Ceramics Market.

The leading players of the Advanced Ceramics industry, their market share, product portfolio, company profiles are covered during this report. Key market players are analyzed on the basis of production volume, gross margin, market value, and price structure. The competitive market scenario among Advanced Ceramics players will help the industry aspirants in planning their strategies. The statistics presented in this report are an accurate and helpful guide to shaping your business growth.

Recent strategic developments in advanced ceramics market

The advanced ceramics market has undergone several significant developments, and a few of these have been mentioned below:

  • In September 2019, Ube Industries, Ltd. established a joint venturing agreement with Kyocera Corp., a Japanese ceramic and electronic manufacturer to start manufacturing ceramic filters for the 5G base stations.
  • In June 2019, Kyocera Corp. acquired Friatec GmbH, a German advanced ceramic manufacturing business to expand its manufacturing base in the Germany.

In this report, the market has been segmented on the basis of:

  • Material:
    • Alumina
    • Zirconia
    • Titanate
    • Silicon Carbide
    • Others  
  • Application:
    • Monolithic Ceramics
    • Ceramic Coatings
    • Ceramic Composites
    • Ceramic Filters
    • Others
  • End-Use Industry:
    • Electrical and Electronics
    • Transportation
    • Medical
    • Defense and Security
    • Others
  • Region
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific (APAC)
    • South & Central America
    • Middle East & Africa

This analysis report also presents practical and practical case studies to help you get a clearer understanding of the subject. This analysis report has been prepared through industry analysis techniques and presented in a professional manner by including effective information graphics whenever necessary. It helps ensure business stability and rapid development to achieve notable remarks within the Advanced Ceramics market.

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Table of Contents: Advanced Ceramics Market 2022 - 2030

Chapter 1: Overview of Advanced Ceramics

Chapter 2: Regional Market Status and Forecast by Regions

Chapter 3: Regional Market Status and Forecast by Types

Chapter 4: Regional Market Status and Forecast by Downstream Industry

Chapter 5: Market driving correlational analysis

Chapter 6: Market competition status by major makers

Chapter 7: Major manufacturer’s introduction and market data

Chapter 8: Upstream and downstream market analysis

Chapter 9: Cost and gross margin analysis

Chapter 10: Marketing status analysis

Chapter 11: Market report conclusion

Chapter 12: Research methodology and reference

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