It is well known that software development is an essential component of growth as well as efficiency for any sector.


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Software is the root of any technological advancement in today’s world. It is a set of instructions that tells a system (computer/mobile/android) or a cloud application how to work. The field is vast and has witnessed several innovations in the field of web applications, mobile applications, IoT development, along with cloud computing, among others. Nevertheless, a hidden aspect is the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with every element of technology. These new emerging technologies have disrupted every business that includes but is not limited to retail, manufacturing, transportation, and customer support. It is well known that software development is an essential component of growth as well as efficiency for any sector. This post explores the advantages AI & Machine Learning can have for software development.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer or computer-controlled machine to perform human tasks without supervision. To give more clarity- AI involves giving machines some pre-set conditions as well as responses on how to react to each of them. The machines are enabled to reason, discover meaning, or learn from past experience. A good, as well as simple example of AI, is the automatic control of lights in a room, based on someone’s presence.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It enables systems to automatically improve and learn without being programmed. The main objective of machine learning is to allow systems or computers to learn automatically without the interference of humans. The core difference between AI and Machine Learning is that AI enables systems to replicate human behavior while Machine Learning enables a Machine to learn human behavior and make improvements or innovations where necessary, without any further programming. That is, Machine Learning enables a computer or system to perform better than humans for similar tasks, without additional instructions.

How can these help software development?

A good overview has been given on both concepts. Yet the question remains as to how these can help with software development. The answer has several aspects but can be summarized in one statement. AI helps reduce the time and costs involved in software development by automating the process as well as achieving 100% accuracy because there will no space for human error. A proper outline of the assistance that AI can give in the software development lifecycle can be described as:

Project Planning- Software development scheduling and planning are of crucial importance to ensure the technical effectiveness and economic efficiency of software projects. AI can improve the accuracy of the project planning stage and helps in effective monitoring. In addition, AI-enhanced project management tools can assist the team in making the right decisions for the allocation of resources.

Problem Analysis- The work can be completed faster and more accurately with the integration of AI into this process. Computers have long been employed for problem analysis and the compilation of big data. Moreover, AI-enabled apps are more comprehensive in the complexity of statistical approaches. Hence, a good understanding can be gathered about the client’s requirements or issues in existing software, with more speed and accuracy.

Project Management- This could be a big boon for Project Managers who already would have lots on their agendas. AI aggregates task statuses to generate weekly status reports. It also calculates the budget, implication of changes to scope as well as timeline, and performs risk modeling.

Quality Analysis: AI can enable developers to code better, spot bugs, and fix them. Developers also get the advantage of appropriate machine-learning algorithms in testing software programs. This can improve the overall quality of the tested program. 

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