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Social Media Marketing


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Businesses, for the most part, now realize the importance of digital media marketing. In fact, several make the wise choice of hiring experts that offer digital media marketing services and Chat Support Outsourcing Services, choosing instead to focus on their core expertise. But one of the areas that many businesses, especially smaller ones, continue to regret is social media marketing. While almost every modern business has a social media presence, the marketing aspect remains underutilized. This blog focuses on several key advantages that may indicate that this approach is a mistake.

Social Media Marketing - Why You Need It

Social media isn’t just a digital space for social interactions anymore, even though individual users will always remain a key aspect of it. But companies like Meta continue to grow because of the revenue that they generate from advertisers and marketers. Social media platforms routinely see billions of users across the globe each month. This makes many social media platforms the ideal space not just to establish a brand presence, but also to use it as a marketing channel and drive revenue and growth. Here are some of the major advantages that social media marketing offers to businesses:

Access to a Wider Audience

An advantage that comes from using larger, more established platforms is access to a huge audience as opposed to a local one. Social media users number in the billions, spread across most of the world, with diverse experiences and online behavior. A platform’s user base represents a vast untapped market that can allow businesses to break past their local customer base. Using social media marketing, a business can gain a much bigger audience to advertise to, and thus, a proportionately larger of prospects, leads, and/or customers.

Targeted and Segmented Advertising

Advertising to a generic or broad audience may not always be the most efficient use of your advertising budget. This has conventionally been a huge gap in businesses that rely on conventional marketing techniques like billboards, flyers, etc. Digital marketing, however, and especially social media marketing, fills in this gap effectively. On social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it is actually possible to select parameters that help define a more specific audience.

A business can, therefore, set parameters like demographics, geographical locations, interests, and so forth, to ensure that the ads are visible to specific audiences. In other words, advertisers can target specific audience segments closely that closely match their buyer persona. This often proves a far more effective use of each dollar spent on social media advertising, driving down the costs of conversions and customer acquisitions.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Having customers place orders directly on your social media page is a great place to be. But you may see a rise in traffic, engagement, and orders via your website if you leverage your social media marketing correctly. The goal here would be to drive audiences on your social media page onto your website. Using engaging ad copies, attention-grabbing visuals, CTAS, and links, you can boost the number of prospects that land on your website. The advantage this offers is that users will be able to explore, for instance, your entire catalog of offerings, instead of just the select few you showcase on a social media ad. And with a higher traffic volume on your website, you should see a higher engagement rate as well as a boost in the number of conversions.

Chatbots and Passive Lead Generation

Chatbots are an underutilized feature on social media that can supplement both inbound leads as well as customer experiences. Chatbots can operate around the clock, meaning customers can still reach out and engage with your social media pages even outside business hours. But more importantly, these chatbots can be configured to screen leads from prospects, make appointments, or otherwise label them for further action by sales/marketing professionals. The use of chatbots can effectively passively gather leads from ongoing social media marketing campaigns, creating a pipeline that human agents can then further qualify. This also helps to reduce the time and money spent on acquiring/qualifying a lead.

Greater Brand Visibility and Engagement

Finally, a significant benefit that businesses can derive from social media marketing is to increase their brand visibility and engagement. Given the visual intuitiveness of most social media platforms, businesses can leverage their targeted ads to grab and hold a user’s attention. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. With users being bombarded with tons of social media content, advertising visuals, copy, and messaging need to be of the best possible quality. But once this hurdle is crossed, businesses see a much greater increase in their brand visibility, a boost to their followers, and greater brand engagement among their overall audience.


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