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A look at how African Tech Story helps to amplify the narrative around African entrepreneurship.


Marc Bromhall

3 years ago | 1 min read

A weekly newsletter with a simple aim - to tell the story of Africa’s technological revolution as it happens. Why? Because we don’t think it’s getting enough coverage. The media focus always seems to go elsewhere.

Historically, Africa as a continent has seen a number of epithets ascribed to it resulting from famine, droughts, civil wars, poverty, corruption and totalitarian regimes. Even when one does a simple Google search for “famines”, Africa features in the autocompletes.

This has created a certain global perception and prejudice which has impacted the continent when it comes to socio-economic advancement.

African countries often lose out in trade deals, borrow on unfavourable terms, and see their raw materials exported with little value created on home soil.

In spite of this, some countries in Africa still outshine many western countries in GDP growth, albeit from a relatively low base.

As we now find ourselves deep within the grips of a mobile-first information age, the African continent is seizing this moment to leapfrog older technologies and drive innovation forward in new and fascinating ways.

Bright minds across the continent are using technology to solve a plethora of problems in areas where some governments have failed such as in education, healthcare, and transportation.

Like using drones to deliver blood to remote hospitals or turning mobile phone numbers into virtual addresses. In other instances African entrepreneurs are simply disrupting industries which for have been stagnant for decades such as financial services.

African tech is a truly exciting space to be in right now. Come and join us on the journey! Every Wednesday we’ll be telling the stories and sharing insights from Africa’s most exciting startups. Subscribe here!


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