AKTU Affiliated Pharmacy College in Allahabad Offers Updated Courses

Chandra Shekhar Singh College of Pharmacy is one of the best AKTU Affiliated Pharmacy College in Allahabad.



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It is very important for a country to prosper in the health sector if it has a sound health education system, supporting quality delivery of services. Those who want to work as established pharmacists and learn about how drugs affect the body should take pharmacy courses. Doctors make the decision to administer medications based on the results of drug research.

This demonstrates how important pharmacists are to the field of medicine. Strict rules and norms thus need to be maintained and in order to ensure that stringency, it is important that the college has affiliations with AKTU. AKTU affiliated pharmacy college in Allahabad caters to the needs of the modern pharmaceutical industry. 

They hinder the infiltration of corruption and money racket associated with admission in colleges that are not affiliated to it and decide their mode of administration and admission criteria at their discretion. One needs to check out the college's website to learn more about its affiliations and course offerings. An up-to-date academic curriculum with adequate industrial exposure can be found at Chandra Sekhar Sigh College of Pharmacy that is affiliated with the AKTU. One must keep in mind that AKTU membership is a sign of excellency.

An overview of AKTU

One of India's best technical universities is Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU). It is located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Each year, a large number of students from different places apply to AKTU affiliated colleges to finish their studies. Numerous undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programmes are available at the university in both government-funded and for private institutions. At the present time, AKTU has affiliations with 756 colleges and institutions in different fields including pharmacy, engineering, management, architecture, education, hotel management, catering technology, etc.

In its own facilities as well as those of other affiliated institutions like AKTU affiliated pharmacy college in Allahabad, AKTU aspires to support and foster the excellence of technical education and research.  Today, there are 756 affiliated colleges, and the University is continually expanding. Around 4,00000 students are now enrolled in its various programmes.

AKTU affiliation means a lot to colleges 

If you have decided to study pharmacy in Uttar Pradesh, look for an AKTU affiliated college. Colleges that are affiliated to AKTU are bound to obey the rules and regulations laid out by the university. It covers the courses, classroom facilities, quality of faculty members, and lot more. When you study in an AKTU affiliated pharmacy college in Allahabad, the quality of education is assured.


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Chandra Shekhar Singh College of Pharmacy(CSSCP), established in the year 2009, is a pioneer pharmacy institute of UP imparting top quality pharmaceutical education to undergraduates.







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